Sneakers high top

Freedom, comfort and practicality
Sandro Moscoloni men's high top sneakers are comfortable and versatile options to compose casual looks with a modern and cool proposal.
Very practical, the shoes offer lightness and freedom when walking, in addition, they are made from the best raw materials on the market, therefore, they are synonymous with resistance and durability.

Perfect for taking men's looks out of the obvious and adding a modern upgrade, high-top sneakers are no longer passing trends and have established themselves as timeless pairs, thanks to the sporty and, at the same time, fun proposal that they bring to men's compositions.

Those shoes with a higher cut, which extend down to the ankle, are perfect for everyday wear.

Why invest in high top sneakers?

As they are associated with a more urban and cool style, high-top sneakers are great options for modern men who value a more stylish look.
In addition, they provide stability and support for your feet and extra protection for your ankles. Therefore, they are good companions to guide your steps in routine activities.
Another positive point is that the models are extremely versatile and can be used on different occasions.

How to wear high top sneakers?

Due to the more urban proposal they present, men's high-top sneakers work best with casual clothes, such as jeans, cargo pants, shorts and t-shirts.
The models are great allies to compose an outfit for leisure, or even for work, as long as the job you are doing allows for the use of more laid-back and less formal pieces.

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