5 men’s fashion trends for fall/winter season.

The trends for men's streetwear for Fall/Winter seasons shows how atemporal fashion is. That’s because, in this fall/winter season, particularly, big brands not only have decided to revive the old and established styles, but showed many surprising and innovatives prints, models and patterns.

The key-words for the fall/winter season are, without a doubt, confort, style, and fun!

To help you to stay tuned about the biggest trends for the coldest season of the year, we made this article for you. 

 Keep on reading and check it out!

5 men’s fashion trends for fall/winter season.

Voluminous Sweaters

Truly the most beloved of fall-winter season, the sweaters always show up to keep men warm and elegant. The new thing this time are the clothes’s shape, which were reinvented and came back more voluminous and irregular, with a big variety of textures, colors, and even cuts. 

College Jackets

The sportwear, in general, came back with full power this season, precisely boosting physical activities and health in the post-pandemic era. In other words, clothes like jogging style, sweatshirts with hood, football and basketball  wear are excellents bets for enjoy the season with more comfort, mobility and style.

In this context, the varsity jackets, in special, are planning a big comeback. They are the true fashion icons, super elegant and still protect the body from that cold wind, typical of late afternoon. It's worth betting on it/them!

Wide jeans

After a long hiatus, wide jeans are, officially, back. 

If in the past these clothes were seen as basic and essential, now, they remerge with a totally cool and fashionista mood. It's not by chance that various celebrities, such as Justin Bieber and Kanye West have been betting on these clothes and wearing a lot of their various shapes which go from the classic high waist to the modern and elegant drapes. 

Floral prints

The 70’s colored vibe that has been invading current street style is the proof of the floral print’s comeback. 

Even in the cold seasons, this super vibrant pattern has marked its presence in the most various clothing like pants, shorts, shirts, coats and many more.


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The best way to bet on this trend is to suit your style, for example, if you are more of a timid men, it’s advisable to combine a floral shirt with neutral shorts or pants. On the  other hand, if you like a more bold outfit, know that it’s fully ok to mix shades and distincts prints to compose vibrants looks this season. 

Chelsea Boots

A special clothing has been  gaining prominence on the fall/winter male’s clothes: the Chelsea Boots.
Even though that’s not a new model, it’s an established trend in the past that came back to win male’s hearts (and feet) because of its confort, style and  practicality offered to their feet. 

Its main features are elastic on the sides and the pipes near to the ankle.   

Those boots add a more cool vibe to male’s combination and, during fall/winter, can be combined with pants, jackets, polo shirts and many more. 

Sandro Moscoloni, have a new exclusive Chelsea Boots exclusive line, developed in legit leather, coming from high tech process, which assurant a impeccable aesthetic, resistance and durability. 

Go to the website and check all the available models out. 

While you are here, tell us in the comment section, which summer trend are you going to try right now? 

Without further ado, keep your eye on Sandro Moscoloni’s blog, soon we’ll have some news over here. 

Big hugs and see you in the next post!

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