What Are the Differences between Loafers and Moccasins and How to Wear Them?

Slip-on shoes are fantastic pieces that any man should incorporate into his wardrobe.

They are very versatile, practical and can be used in many different environments and situations.

Loafers have their origins in Scandinavia, where fishermen would wear two pieces of leather fastened with a strip across the bridge when they were working.

These shoes were comfortable and strong and lately became what we today know to be slip-on shoes.

Moccasins, on the other hand, were shoes worn by Native American hunters and tradesmen.

In fact, the word “moccasin” comes from the Algonquian language Powhatan word “makasin” and from the Proto-Algonquian word “maxkeseni” which mean “shoe.” Today, slip-ons are made from many fabrics, including canvas, suede and leather, even though initially there were some rules when it came to them.

While to most people, men's loafer and men’s moccasins look pretty much the same, they are quite different pieces.

To tell them apart right from the start, you can look at whether they have laces or not.

The laces you will find on moccasins are generally purely decorative and don’t have a tying function.

Another big difference between the two is that loafers are always supposed to be made from leather while moccasins can be made out of suede or other materials as well;

but they are generally made from just one piece of material, while men's leather loafers can be made from more.

Of course, with the wide variety of shoes today, we are sure you will find suede shoes with no laces.

These “rules” are just guidelines that will help you get around more easily.

 The third difference between these two is that loafers are basically slip-ons and are flat shoes, while moccasins have a more prominent sole, just like you would see on any leather shoe.


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They can be worn in any casual setting and go very well with both shirts and t-shirts, jeans, cargo pants and even shorts.

Make sure that even though you are wearing casual shoes, they still need to match your belt, which is a rule which we believe you should follow.

The reason for this is that your accessories, such as your shoes, your belt, etc.

are used to frame your outfit, so if they are from the same “world”, you will look more put together than if they were not.

This however, does not mean that they are to be worn at black tie events or other highly formal settings.

Depending on the fabric and color, moccasins (as well as loafers) can look more or less formal.

Don’t forget the rule: the more shiny a shoe, the more formal it is.

If you are planning on wearing moccasins when going to the beach, make sure you can’t see your reflection in them.

Don’t forget that the color of your shoes does not have to match the color of your pants: you can wear brown shoes with black pants for example.

So, are you in the mood to add the loafer or moccasin to your wardrobe? Perhaps we have what you are looking for! check out the Sandro Moscoloni leather loafers & driving shoes.



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