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    Lug Sole

    Sure bets of the season, the Lug Sole models are characterized by their maxi soles made of non-slip rubber and with deeper cuts to provide greater grip. With a modern look, pairs are surefire bets to take masculine looks from the obvious and still add an extra dash of style and protection.

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    Meet Lug Sole

    With a maximal look, practical and undeniably comfortable, the Lug Sole pairs integrate the "comfy" trend, providing greater traction and stability to the steps, are great to be used on rainy days and make up the military mood, which is also a hit on the American streets. Very versatile, they can be used for adventures in the snow, daily life in the city, leisure time, studying, or even in the Office look (in cases where jobs are a little more casual and flexible). 

    On Sandro Moscoloni's website, you can find various styles and colors of men's Lug Sole that are stylish and error-proof.


    How to use Lug Sole?

    For being practical and modern, Lug Sole shoes can be combined with destroyed jeans, leather jackets, printed t-shirts, cardigans and more. It is also possible to choose between a proposal with more attitude, betting on shoes untucked, or more basic, with boots tucked inside. On Sandro Moscoloni's website, you can find a variety of Lug Sole options, buy online and securely, and you can even pay up to 4 interest-free installments. In addition, you receive it at home quickly and conveniently.

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