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25 products

Meeting Derby

Men’s Derby is characterized by the presence of shoe-ties holes, showing at the side flaps, stuck at the shoe’s body. Because of its modeling, the pairs are a great choice for men who have long or high feet, as it accommodates them more comfortably and flexibly.  

Derby’s casual aesthetic and, at the same time elegant, allows an infinity of combinations. 

All Sandro Moscoloni Derby’s are made in nobel leather and with fine technology, which allows total comfort, flexibility and resistance. 

As it is considered a more modern and youthful model, it is possible to find the Men's Derby in several color variations that even include two-tone pairs and tractor soles.

How to wear Men’s Derby

Men’s Derby shoes are more proper for the day-by-day activities and can be worn at most situations, as it matches with jeans pants, t-shirts, besides more fine clothes like blazers and tuxedos. 

It is important to remember that the combination options largely depend on the colors, details and materials of the chosen models. 

Currently, it is possible to find at the market men’s leather derby dress shoes, derby style men’s shoes, men’s leather derby dress shoes and much more. 

Sandro Moscoloni

Present in the market for more than 45 years, Sandro Moscoloni is a company that has been able to extract the best from each culture to produce handcrafted shoes to accompany demanding men in times of work, leisure and adventures with guaranteed style and performance.

Originally from Italy, the brand, which has the elegance as essence, settled in the United States to accentuate the technological processes, expanded expanded its headquarters to Spain, which is the true European cultural cradle and, not by chance, chose the city of Franca, which is known as the capital of footwear and includes one of the largest footwear centers in the world for you to establish yourself and produce world-renowned footwear with unmistakable international quality.

At Sandro Moscoloni you buy your Men's Derby handmade online, safely, in up to 6 interest-free installments.

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