Get to know about the Oxfords

Right for those fancy and sophisticated compositions, the Men's Leather Oxford Shoe is a true classic, made from noble materials, which guarantees total resistance and durability. 

The main feature of the model is the place where the shoelace is drilled, which, in this case, is found on the shoe's body itself.

How to wear a men’s Oxford? 

As much as the model is naturally refined, it is possible to bet on a casual men's leather oxford and create compositions for everyday life. In this case, it all depends on the clothing choices made to build the final outfit. 

For example, when you wear your Oxford shoe with the infallible combo made of jeans and shirt, the final result will be a more of a basic composition, ideal for everyday occasions.

On the other hand, when you combine your men’s oxford leather shoe with tailing pieces or tuxedos, it is possible for you to create more fine looks, ideal for business meetings, corporate or social events as well.

About Sandro Moscoloni

With more than 45 years of tradition, the Sandro Moscoloni integrates into its shoes a unique DNA, made from the appreciation given to the artisanal touch, in addition to the innovation of industrial processes, which reveal the quality and the resistance of each of every piece with  cutting-edge technology.

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