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    Meeting the Monk Strap

    The name "Monk Strap" leads to its origins, made by monks from Europe, who seek a pear to replace sandals and give the feet a proper protection.

    Very versatile, Monk Strap made with leather can transit between formal and casual events very well, as long as worn along the right clothes for the moment. 

    How to wear the Monk Strap shoes?

    Tradicional and, at the same time, modern, the leather monk strap shoes are a versatile shoe, that can be worn with or without socks and suit modern men in the most varied situation, even in the office look. 

    Neutral and absolutely comfortable, the Monk Strap available at Sandro Moscoloni follow an exclusive design and all the nobility that only legit leather can bring to the table.

    Considered a moderately formal shoe, the Monk Strap allows combinations with jeans, twill, tuxedo and tailoring pieces.

    Here at Sandro Moscolini, you can buy your Monk Strap online safely and in 6x with no extra fees. Besides that, the exchange is totally free.