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    Sandro Moscoloni’s Comfort Line 

    Sandro Moscoloni's Comfort shoes were developed exclusively for men who need to spend a lot of time on their feet during the day, or face the different situations of hectic everyday life with flexibility and well-being.

    For this, the pairs come with exclusive technologies to make them more comfortable, durable and resistant.

    The gel construction technology involves a gel rubber sole that is made from natural rubber gel itself, so it is able to increase comfort and provide softness and relief when walking.

    FLEXIBILITY 360 technology provides the user with a smoother contact when walking, as the flexible insole facilitates foot movement and prolongs comfort.


    The COMFORT PLUS technology integrates shoes lined with sheepskin leather, providing extra comfort and offering softer leather that protects against the cold.


    The Hyper Comfort Insoles are produced in P.U. with the highest technology on the market and offer maximum comfort and quality.

    Get to know Sandro Moscoloni's Comfort Line
    Sandro Moscoloni's Comfort Line features boots, casual, social and adventure shoes. With an exclusive design, the models are made of fine leather and follow the highest quality standards.

    The many options available rely on the technologies mentioned above to provide modern men with versatility and well-being and allow them to face all the movements of everyday life with more stability when walking.

    Why wear shoes from the Comfort line by Sandro Moscoloni?

    Modern men live in constant movement and spend days moving or even standing, so it is essential to choose comfortable shoes to ensure a lighter routine.

    But the truth is that many people still underestimate the use of comfort shoes and end up investing in inappropriate models, which, in addition to causing discomfort, can also cause various health problems, such as, for example, posture problems.

    Prolonged use of uncomfortable shoes can cause back pain. This, in addition to impairing the quality of life, also prevents several positive health actions, such as the practice of physical activities.

    Now that you already know a little more about all the shoes in the Comfort line by Sandro Moscoloni, a reliable brand able to fit your feet with style, comfort, technology and durability, go to the website and check out the exclusive models, made with the best raw materials.