How to wear driving shoes


The first driving shoes were aptly named “Car Shoe”, and traces its origins to the carefree, Italian lifestyle of the 1960s.

Men's driving loafers were introduced as convenient slip-on shoes that can be comfortably used while driving a sleek ride. These classic casual shoes are essentially moccasins for men and formal shoes in leather or suede, but can also be used in casual outings. Uniting the good with the good looking and the best for that purpose.


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Drivers usually come in traditional browns and blacks, in suede or leather, with rubber nubs or thin rubber treads for soles that extend up the side of the heel.

Men’s leather driving shoes have since evolved to include a variety of styles, details, and colors, but still retain a slim silhouette. As you can see it in a lot of types of these shoes, they are very minimalist: clean, one color, almost cromatical.

They are the very best choice for that type of man who likes to be on a road, but with style, chromatic style. Without a lot of colors and shiny things.

This one is more for those guys who like to wear simple shoes, but doesn’t leave behind all the glamour, fashion and iconic that this type of accessory can be.

You can wear it with a social look: shirt with no print on it, or even with a basic black or white t-shirt. That's your call, you decide it.

The interesting thing about this type of shoe, you can even use it with short shorts. During the day, it fits well with shorts, a shirt or t-shirt and nothing more.

It's fashionable, good looking, not expensive, and will always put you on brand.

So if you are looking for a type of shoe that makes you feel like a lord, gentleman or even a badass guy, we have the best options for you! Check Sandro moscoloni leather driving shoes.

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