5 tips for your black Friday to be incredible buying shoes.

5 tips for your black Friday to be incredible.

We are now on black Friday week, the special time for many offers and many kinds of promotions, discounts with special conditions long awaited by shoppers to offer significantly lower prices for their items.

However, before going shopping it's necessary to take basics care not to be deceived by prices that in some cases may present false promotions.

In addition, it's essential to make sure that the chosen store will fulfill its promises.

To help you with that, Sandro Moscoloni's blog listed 5 tips for Black Friday to be incredible buying shoes.

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  1. Select goods of interest in advance 

Before the official Black Friday date comes up, make a brief list of which shoes you need or are interested in purchasing. That way you minimize the odds of buying on impulse and secure only the models truly necessary in your daily life. A great way to buy your shoes assertively is to check your wardrobe for what's missing. Besides that, if you find you have a surplus of old pairs, this will be an excellent time to donate them to those in need.

2- Search for trends

    As much as fashion trends are not fundamental factors for a man to dress well, the truth is that they represent the daily life and current behavior of a society. in the post-pandemic era, for example, fashion has been trying to rescue the comfort and fresh footprint of the garments, precisely so that they can have lighter days, after the dark period we are facing

Also, if you have a lot of a

Yes, it is worth researching the trends, but at this point it is necessary to take into account the value of your personal taste and, especially, if the ar in question easily matches the pieces you already have in your wardrobe.

After all, balance is everything!

3- Price analysis before the arrival of Black Friday


After selecting and studying about the men's shoes that you BB need, it's time to analyze the product prices before the Black Friday promotions start.

That's because, unfortunately, some stores take advantage of these opportunities to advertise offers that are not as advantageous as they seem.

Indeed, many of them raise their prices first to appear that they were actually lower afterwards. That's why we recommend that you start a survey on the value of items a few weeks in advance to observe the price variation.

4- Buy only from reputable stores

 Be aware before finalizing a purchase because many opportunists use this time to apply for a scam. 

Check that the website contains the CNPJ; telephone number and physical address.

If you've never made a purchase at your chosen store, find out more about the company's reputation by researching it on social media or complaint sites.

To avoid any type of diaper, try to buy on sites of recognized and trusted stores such as Sandro Moscoloni, which offers a wide variety of leather shoes made from the best materials, state-of-the-art technology and guaranteed durability.

 5- Be wary of unbelievable offers

It's worth being suspicious after all, even with lower prices, shopkeepers look for profits in this period and when the values ​​do not match the market reality and do not even pay for the raw materials of the products, there is a great possibility of a blow. So don't believe when the offer seems "too good to be true" and look for the company's service to solve your doubts.

If you want to buy shoes on this Black Friday with real discounts and quality guarantees, don't miss out on Sandro Moscoloni's offers.

Visit the website and check out the exclusive combos and models with a 30% discount that we have prepared for you to lead your steps towards success with comfort, quality and resistance.

Good shopping!

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