6 men's fashion trends for summer

At the image, there is a man on a yatch wearing blue shorts and white shite. He is also wearing sunglasses and the weather is sunny

 1. Art prints

Prints are always present in the hottest seasons of the year, but this time they appear different, with an artistic proposal that ranges from geometry to patchwork, including tie dye.

The best way to bet on this trend is to adapt it in your style, for example, if you are a serious man, it is advisable to match a colored shirt with neutral shorts or pants. On the other hand, if you prefer a bold outfit, know that mixing tones and different prints is free to compose vibrant looks this summer.

2. Back in the 90's

The 90's was a true apex of the fashion universe. Now is the time to rescue some trends and experience the nostalgia of the youth era.

Graphic T-shirts, maxi sneakers and skater clothes are back with everything, but now with a more refined silhouette, bringing a more contemporary and sophisticated proposal than the one adopted years ago.

3. Black and white

Fashion is more democratic than ever. In the same way that there is room for those who want to bet on the combination of vibrant colors, those who prefer classic and traditional tones are not left out either. An example of this is the  Black and White trend, a proposal that values ​​a reduced, classic and versatile color palette for the summer.

To adopt it, just invest in two-tone pieces, such as, for example, the BROADSTREET MEN 'S OXFORD SHOE BLACK/WHITE, by Sandro Moscoloni.


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4. College Jackets

Sportswear, in general, made a comeback this summer, precisely to boost the practice of post-pandemic physical activity. That is, jogging-style pieces, hooded sweatshirts, football and basketball items are excellent bets to enjoy the season with more comfort, mobility and style.

In this context, varsity jackets, in particular, are shaping up to be a big comeback. They are true fashion icons, super elegant and still protect the body from that cold breeze, typical at the end of the afternoon. Worth adding to your closet!

5. Office life

There is a man on a boat wearing jeans and loafers. He is also wearinga a white shirt and sunglasses

Ideal for men who prioritize more formal looks, this trend calls for the use of blazers, tailored pants, suits, dress shoes, shirts and ties in the most varied moments of everyday life. In addition to exuding sophistication, this is a way that designers have found to make summer freer, more fluid and, certainly, more classic.

To finish off the office look with comfort and versatility, bet on Loafers by Sandro Moscoloni.

Neutral and sophisticated, the pairs from the Stuart and Malibu line are made of genuine leather, a material that provides total well-being to the feet and feature an exquisite finish, to accompany the professional proposal that the work outfit requires.

6. The return of sandals

There is a man wearing sandals on a rock.

It is a fact that the pandemic forced us to cover our feet and wear closed shoes to guarantee extra protection and avoid contamination. But now, after two years, it's time to free your feet and bet on the lightness, freedom and freshness of sandals to enjoy the best of the season in a relaxed and super comfortable way.

To help you in this mission, Sandro Moscoloni has developed an exclusive line of Crossed straps, Fisherman and Two-straps sandals.

Go to the website and check out all available models.



Enjoy and tell us in the comments, which summer trend listed are you going to try right now?

In addition, keep an eye on Sandro Moscoloni's Blog, soon we will have news here.

A big hug and until the next post!


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