6 Shoes That Will Make Any Dad Feel & Look Good This Father's Day

Child giving his father a brown Penny Loafer Sandro Moscoloni

Father's Day is coming and if you have the privilege of having your hero around, this is the best time to show all your love and appreciation.

Instead of betting on cliché gifts like switchblades, barbecue utensils and whiskey bottles, how about surprising your father with a comfortable and stylish walk?

To help you in this mission, we from the Sandro Moscoloni’s Blog team select some models of shoes that perfectly suit the most varied styles and preferences.

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For a Father who lives on the move

If your father has a hectic schedule and needs to be stylish and at the same time comfortable to carry out all the day-to-day tasks, he certainly doesn't want to waste his time tying shoelaces all the time.

For this, a gift is best with the SANDRO MOSCOLONI PLAIN TOE SLIP ON AMBROSE, a versatile model in jeans, which harmonizes well with or tailoring, presents the nobility of resistance of genuine leather and is to finish off the looks with flexibility and elegance. 

Sandro Moscoloni Plain Toe Slip On Ambrose colour Black


For workaholics fathers 

Is your father one of those who dedicate himself entirely to work and don't give up until he achieves the best results? So he needs a worthy companion to guide his steps towards the greatest achievements and optimize your personal image with comfort, resistance and durability.

For this, the best alternative is the BERWYN TAN LEATHER, a classic Loafer with the inspiring DNA of Sandro Moscoloni, entirely covered in genuine leather.

The best ally to accompany men of good taste in work occasions with class, well- being and practicality.

 Sandro Moscoloni leather Slip On Berwyn
For eco-friendly fathers

Is your great hero modern, attuned to the biggest trends, knows the impacts caused by industrial productions and wants his choices to make a difference in the future of the planet? So, the ideal footwear to guide his steps with lightness; he can fight for his principles and values is the SANDRO MOSCOLONI MEN'S SUSTAINABLE SNEAKERS KINGS. Stylish, resistant, comfortable and ecological, the shoes are produced from recyclable materials - made from recyclable tires.

Sandro Moscoloni Sustainable Sneakers Kings

 For Fathers who like to be on style

Is your father super plugged into fashion, loves a vibrant and colorful proposal and is always in complete agreement with the biggest trends of the season? 

If so, the best bet to surprise him with this very special item is the SANDRO MOSCOLONI MEN'S SNEAKER DARIEN CAMOUFLAGED, a model made of genuine leather, with a striking aesthetic and guaranteed comfort. Perfect for urban men’s feet, who prioritize quality and are not satisfied with the obvious

Camouflage Sneakers DarienFor a fathers who value the classics

You know those classic, traditional, no-frills shoes that deliver what they promise and add an elegant touch to men's looks? His name is SANDRO MOSCOLONI PLAIN TOE SLIP ON AMBROSE. Made entirely in noble leather, it harmonizes with formal or casual looks, it is a guarantee of comfort, style, lightness and practicality!

Legit Leather Penny Loafer                  

For who get the adventurous on duty

Is your father your great companion on adventures and trails in the midst of nature? So, this is the best opportunity to add an extra touch of style, protection, strength and security to those moments.

For this, count on the SANDRO MOSCOLONI MEN'S HIKING BOOT DARK EARTH BLACK, a model that features the strength of genuine leather, reflects all the technological processes that are part of the brand's innovative DNA and guarantees more performance and walking from the field to the asphalt.

Hiking Boot Dark Earth in Black


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