Aerolook: tips for getting the right outfit when traveling

Any successful trip, whether for work or leisure, requires planning. It is necessary to check the weather, check the documents, organize the suitcase and, of course, define the look that will be used for the plane trip.
Many men forget this detail, which is very important, especially to ensure comfort on board.
To help you in this mission, we have listed five sure-fire tips to help you define a mistake-proof outfit, keep reading and check them out:

1. Bet on the layers:

Air travel, especially international travel, provides a wide range of temperatures. Most of the time, the boarding point has a different climate than the cabins of the plane and the final destination.

Therefore, layered clothing is a good choice to always stay in tune with your surroundings.

One option is to wear a cotton scarf around your neck that is large enough to wrap around your body. So, when you feel cold, you can use it as a blanket.

At other times, the scarf can be used as a very stylish accessory.

Shawls, scarves, cardigans, sweatshirts, vests and cotton jackets are perfect for travel. That's because, in addition to taking up little space, they can be used as makeshift pillows during the flight.

2. Be careful when choosing fabrics

Fabrics that allow your body to breathe such as cotton, silk, thread and dry fit are ideal for maintaining comfort and a feeling of freshness during a plane trip.

One tip is to prioritize natural fabrics over synthetic ones to ensure well-being on board.

3. Compression stockings

Believe me: compression stockings ARE NOT accessories limited to pregnant women or people who easily retain fluid. They are even great allies for travelers who take long-distance flights or who fly very frequently.

That's because these socks put pressure on your leg muscles and increase blood flow, promoting better circulation and helping to prevent leg swelling.

Therefore, to prevent your legs from feeling heavy and tired during the trip, it is worth betting on a pair of compression stockings.

4. Invest in light clothes


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Most airline cabins are compact, and on long haul flights, this can reduce movement and cause some discomfort. One tip is to leave your skinny jeans in your suitcase and prefer less restrictive clothes.

Therefore, it is best to opt for light and looser clothes, such as linen or tailoring.

Khaki pants are great combined to compose a more elegant mood. Comfortable and versatile, they go very well with a plain T-shirt or one with a timeless print, such as stripes, and can be worn on several days of the trip, whether for leisure or work.

5. Wear comfortable shoes
Remember that during the flight, your feet can swell due to the pressure. When making the choice, think about this comfort and opt for comfortable, practical and easy-to-wear models, for when you need to go through airport security.

We have listed some Sandro Moscoloni models to make your choice easier:




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Anyway, now that you already know about the best tips to do well in the aerolook, click here, visit the website and guarantee your new ally to accompany you on your travels!


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