Afro Hairs

It is difficult to find a website or blog about hair, fashion and trends that remember people not only have smooth, silky hair and adapt to every hairstyle, from the famous samurai bun to the Elvis bump.


There are curly, afro and wavy hair that, although they are more difficult to adapt to a hairstyle, also enter into tendencies of cuts and techniques as well as straight hair. And no more of that "bad hair" saying, huh?


Good hair is a hair that is well cared for, with a nice cut, hydrated and that accompanies the style, the vanity and, mainly, the shape of the face of each. Can everyone use the hair they want? They can, but there are some cuts that contribute a lot more than others, just know how to filter which is best for you.


Taking on Afro hair is much more than just aesthetic. It’s saying "enough" for beauty standards and a push for racial and individual appreciation, because what’s more beautiful than one appreciating their own beauty? Now, enough talk and check out the models.


A strong tendency is cutting short or completely shaved on the sides, but concentrates a lot of volume on the top of the head, not to mention that this effect, which can be made on the back of the head and close to the ears, is amazing!


Letting the hair grow even and keeping several curls, delimiting only the forehead and the foot is also a good thing for those who are starting to get used to the idea of ​​having bigger hair.


Another trend, not only for winter, but from Afros in general, is black power. Tall, well-groomed and well-bulky hair is indicated for those with strong personality and loves hair. But oh, you also have to have a lot of patience to take care of, got it?


Did you like the tips? Then, put the shaving machine and the razor aside, you will experience an afro / curly hair and gain a new, stylish look, full of attitude!

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