Bet on Espadrille and Sandals

Espadrille are trendy. Specially now with higher temperatures. They originate from, unsurprisingly, the capital of fashion, France.

In the beginning however, around 1980, it was a footwear used by dockworkers for their job.

One thing is right: espadrilles are recommended for those who have personality. Be it rubber, fabric or rope, it’s a footwear that dresses the modern man nicely, matching your style and free spirit, and represent your bold essence.

However, the sandals are not left behind. Currently there many models of sandals, from the simplest to stay at home to the more social, used to go to the shopping mall for example.

Where to use male espadrilles and sandals?

It’s obvious we can’t answer that exactly. In some cases, it’s possible to use espadrilles or sandals to go to a bar. In others, they can be used even to go to work. It depends on each man’s reality. When it’s time to decide, common sense must still rule: will the espadrille fit today’s look?

If you work in a cool workplace, you certainly can go with espadrille or sandals.

Compared to sandals, espadrille have a bigger advantage in the workplace specially because they cover the whole foot and are an excellent option to keep a certain posture without too much formality. The footwear is ideal for your comfort, without needing to use sandals.

In summer, even at night, with hotter temperatures, the espadrilles and sandals are excellent companions for walking with your significant other, happy hour with friends, go to the club, to the beach, take the dogs for a walk around the block, among many other options.

If your workplace is more formal, don’t even think about using espadrilles or sandals. And of course, at the club is not the best idea, as they can be tighter and someone do a fine stepped in your foot.

How to use espadrilles and sandals?

Generally speaking, sandals and espadrilles goes well with shorts. In case of shorts, favor those made out of cotton, for example.

Depending on the sandals’ model, you may use board shorts. Your attention must go to when you are deciding colors. Besides the shorts, you can wear polo shirts, for example, to give a more elegant touch to your look

Now, are there people that use espadrilles and sandals with pants? Yes, there are, and there’s no problem with that. It depends a lot on each person’s style. Fashion has the power to shoe each individual’s personality. So, if you’re a cool guy and sometimes want to match leather sandals with a jeans pants, you’ll surely rock it.

Many artists have been seen with pants and espadrilles or pants with sandals, and they work really well, with a lazy look. If they can, so can you. Espadrilles mainly, goes really well with jeans.

An unexpected outfit – espadrilles with social clothes!

Another cool tip is to mix and match outfits from the tailor’s shop with espadrilles. In this case, sandals are too informal and don’t really go well. But there are beautiful espadrilles that match social pants, shirt and even suits and outfits!

Normally, social clothes are used to go to work or formal appointments. So, back to the tip: if you work in a modern and creative startup, your outfit will be worth points in your job.

Matching light colored espadrilles with social pants can give a cool and light highlight to the look. Another tip is a linen blazer with espadrilles. The velvet blazer can be too heavy, be careful.

Sandals and espadrilles are great options for your day-to-day

The best advantage of espadrilles and sandals is that they are the go-to choice for you day to day, be it for recreation or for work. You can use many combinations, test out many outfits and surely, you will find great looks full of style and good taste. You may risk all you want, with the power espadrilles have of joining elegancy and modernity.

Sandro Moscoloni has an excellent selection of espadrilles and sandals for you to discover! Check out the options and bet on this model.

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