Check out the main trends in male fashion for 2019

The fashion tendencies for 2019 will include pieces with stripes, stronger colors that stand out, high socks reaching below the knees, looser and more comfortable shorts, on top of accessories that will stand out even more, like purses.

For you to follow and wear the fashion tendencies in 2019 during summer, stripes will be perfect for a beach look, for a more navy look, in vibrant colors like some orange shades or more classical pieces – blue and white stripes, for example, are always elegant.

A man with a gray suite in a walking position holding a black leather purse

Speaking of stripes, it’s time for the vertical thicker stripes to take a considerable place in the masculine’s look, specially in larger shirts that can overlap t-shirts when it’s time to set up the look.

While we’re talking about the 1990s, clothing with no patterns need a spot in the closet. They’re easy to find and to combine. Still in this context, long-sleeved shirts are excellent companions for men who wants to be dressed nicely and trendy for 2019.

The double patterned will also strike in full force in 2019 trends, preferably in more intense colors, for shirts and jackets.

A man using an army backpack with blue shorts, gray t-shirt and a natural background

The footwear, in this case, are more beach-y or casual. For those who are enjoying their holidays and want to increment their leisure moments with a lot of style, our suggestion is the Sandro Moscoloni Male Sandal Roger – made in Nobuck Leather, with gel to absorb impact and a more comfortable profile.

Sandro NYC Sneakers Runners – Sneakers with the exclusive Flexibility360° system, rubbery sole that makes walking softer.

Sandro NYC Sneakers Runners Gray – Sneakers that cover the ankles and match perfectly with the street look, footwear with a modern design, that stands out due to its minimalistic details and its composition.

a man tying up his running shoes with jeans pants and a white background

Socks are super trendy in 2019

High socks are a winning bet for men who want to follow the trends for 2019. White, colorful, striped, pattern-less or patterned, the socks are a highlight on the style, be it with shorts or rolled up jeans.

They need to show, the intention is to show the laid-back look, but with a lot of urban characteristics, if you don’t like standing out, it’s cool to use more discreet socks, as long as they have a high top.

A man with leather necklaces, a white t-shirt, a navy with brown backpack, and jeans shorts

The high top socks are not limited to the streetwear. A casual  or social look can also be improved with this detail that makes all the difference.

The Sandro Moscoloni Male Sneakers New Street Jeans looks gorgeous with Chinese pants and high top socks, for example. It’s not only beautiful, but the footwear is extremely comfortable, it has unique details on the toes, made out of legitimate leather and it’s available in various colors.

Trendy accessories for 2019

Two accessories have arrived with a lot of impact on 2019 trends: the bag with handle and the money belt.

A masculine leather handbag it practical and can also enrich the laid-back look, especially on the day-to-day, to work or study. They’re used diagonally and fit well with the urban look.

A man holding a black leather purse and wearing jeans pants and a white t-shirt with water in the background

The classic model is the Sandro Moscoloni Male Leather Handbag Badin Black, made with the highest quality leather, with many compartments, including for laptop. It’s an extremely sophisticated accessory! Those who don’t want to invest in a money belt can try out a hand bag, also available on the brown color!

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