Chelsea Boots

Widely used in the 60's and 90's, the Chelsea Boots are coming back, being used by several influential personalities and pointed out by many fashion designers as the new trend.


Used a lot by members of The Beatles, this model of boots became a symbol of Rock, influencing thousands of people to use at the time. In the beginning this type of boot was very used for those who rode horses, wearing it is very easy because its characteristic feature is to have an elastic in its lateral, facilitating the fit.


Can anyone use it?

For the shorter ones this boot is an excellent request, since another thing that marks a lot these boots is a small heel, making whoever use it gain from 2cm to 5cm. It is easy to understand the popularization of this type of boot, it is very versatile which ensures a good production, with dark skinny pants or slim jeans, want a more serious look? It also works, and can use without problems for a more stripped look.


The technologies for this type of boot have grown a lot, for example, Sandro Moscoloni who manufactures a line of Chelsea Boots, added flexible insoles, called Flexibility 360º, leaving the footwear with more comfort for a longer time, also added the technology in soles, Gel Construction, creating a better adhesion to the ground, as well as working with genuine leather.

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