Classic and timeless: discover how to bet on Chelsea Boots

Classic and timeless, Chelsea Boots has been part of men's everyday life since antiquity.

Initially, the model appeared to help men ride horses, so it was marked by comfort and simple shoes.

In the 60s, the period where rock n roll reached its peak, the pairs were restyled and gained a more “rebel” aesthetic, wearing the feet of the biggest stars of the style such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.

After that, Chelsea gained more urban airs and continued to make a name for itself in streetstyle, following all the fashion revolutions.

Do you want to find out how to bet and harmonize shoes in infallible combinations? So, keep reading and check out the guide that the Sandro Moscoloni team has prepared for you!

Classic and timeless: discover how to bet on Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots Features

The main mark of the Chelsea boot is the elastic on the side of the upper, which, in addition to stylizing the model, also makes the shoe more practical, precisely because it does not need to be tied in a shoelace.

In addition, most Chelsea Boots are made from a single material, molded and stitched on the back. But they are not always completely smooth, as they may have some details and applications.

An example of this is Chelsea Brogue type, which have holes, nowadays merely decorative.

In the past, these elements appeared in shoes so that farmers could drain the water they accumulated while working in the field.

This fashion caught on and, since then, dress shoes that accompany the Brogue aesthetic are very common.

Men's Chelsea Boots Sandro Moscoloni Emmanuel


Chelsea Boots Materials

In fact, the material of the Chelsea Boots upper is what determines whether the model is social or casual.

In this context, boots in traditional leather, in shades of black or brown and with smooth soles, made of leather, rubber or wood tend to be more formal.

On the other hand, the models developed in suede and nubuck, with visible seams, tractor soles and more vibrant tones, such as navy, present a more casual and casual proposal.

Sandro Moscoloni Men's Chelsea Boot Hotfeet Black

How to wear your Chelsea Boots?

As an absolutely versatile and democratic shoe, Chelsea Boots can be used in the most diverse occasions. However, to ensure elegant combinations, it is necessary to pay attention to some basic style rules.

Perhaps one of the most important rules is to avoid wearing your Chelsea Boots with shorts. That's because the shoe's elongated toe can create a disproportionate contrast with the thickness of your shin.

In addition, it is also important to pay attention to the height of the hem of the pants.

That's because Chelsea is naturally a thin boot, so matching it with pants that cover the entire upper can make a strange look.

Therefore, the most recommended thing is to harmonize your Chelsea with pants with a height above the ankle bone. For that, you can also fold your pants and test the combinations.

Also, combinations with clothes and styles vary according to the tastes and preferences of each man, but even so it is important to take into account the elements that reveal the casual or formality of the boot.

For example, in formal situations, you can combine a classic boot with a suit, tailored pieces, chino pants and much more.

As for a more casual outfit, a good tip is to wear the shoes with skinny pants and an oversized jacket.

Sandro Moscoloni Claude Double Gore Plain Toe Chelsea Boot


Did you see how Chelsea Boots can be a great choice when composing comfortable, elegant and contemporary looks?

Now that you know what pairs are and how to combine them, just put the information above into practice to make your compositions more interesting in a few minutes.


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