Discover how to bet on earthy tones, the hits of this season

Winter is the perfect time to invest in earthy tones. That's because the neutral and more closed nuances are the face of the coldest - and most sophisticated - season of the year.

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The earthy tones form a palette of democratic, sober and super-elegant colors, which is why they go well with the most diverse types of looks, from the monochromatic ones to the most colorful and vibrant ones. Continue reading and discover some tricks to bet on this trend with modernity, elegance and a touch of fashion information.

How to invest in earthy tones?

Bet on monochrome or tone on tone

You know that basic little black everyday dress? Try, little by little, to replace it with brown, a tone that is as neutral and elegant as it is, thus avoiding the obvious and still being able to create monochrome and totally stylish looks.

In addition, another super interesting bet is the tone-on-tone proposal, which not only elongates the silhouette, but also creates contemporary and super interesting looks.

For example, choose a mustard-colored blouse and complement it with brown pants, so you create an incredible combination, modern and totally focused on earthy tones.

Nude: the best ally to compose neutral looks

If your intention is to bet cautiously on earthy ones, nude is a perfect companion for that! Due to its completely neutral tone, the color has the power to make any look more sober and classic. Therefore, it is possible to create a multitude of interesting productions from the combination of earthy tones with nude.


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Extra tip: Nude is exactly a color similar to your skin tone, that is, there is not just one nude color, but several tones. Look for the one that most resembles your skin tone and guarantee infallible compositions.

Footwear in earth tones: synonymous with elegance and versatility

Shoes in earthy tones are sure-fire choices due to their flexibility, which, in addition to being great alternatives to combine with colorful clothes to ensure a balanced look, still look great on occasions that call for more seriousness.

With that in mind, we, from the Sandro Moscoloni Blog, have separated some shoe options in the season's favorite shades.

Check out the models, choose your favorite now and see how simple it is to be on top of the biggest fashion trends with all the comfort and well-being.








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