Fashion tips to enjoy white shoes the whole year

You know that white shoes that you bought so you could use it on New Year? Yeah, it doesn’t need to be stored in the closet waiting for that one occasion to be used. It’s possible to make many looks with that shoe, making it an attractive combination and full of style.

In these recent years, the white shoes have been conquering their space in the fashion world and it even became a really popular trend between men. With the monochrome look and a versatile color, that goes well with every other colors, the white shoes became an option for men who treasures practicality when it comes to dressing and making a fresh and clean look.

When a shoe is completely white, it’s called Total White and go really well with summer, be it for day-to-day looks or to be used in important events. White sneakers whoever, are the crowd’s favorite and they can be applied to informal looks.

The white sneakers skyrocketed in the decade of 1960, when celebrities – like the American actor James Dean – started to use the footwear frequently, setting the trend for that time. The casual look, the base colors and the versatility made that they would become a true fashion success, specially the leather ones.

Even nowadays, the white shoe is considered timeless and full of style. It’s worth adopting the model into day-to-day looks. That’s why we’ve selected some fashion tips so you can enjoy your white shoes with all their potential and charm for the whole year. Check it out!

Tips to use white shoes with a lot of style!

Almost monochrome look – The white shoe can be used in almost monochrome looks, in other words, with white pants and shirt, and only one other piece with a different tonality. In this case, the Total White look can be completed with just an extra piece of different color, like a black coat or jacket, for example.

Black and White – The combination of black of white on a look has always been a classic. Using a white shoe or sneaker with a look containing black and white pieces is really sophisticated.

Contemporary style – When the occasion asks for elegance, the tip is to bet on the contemporary style, made out of slim fit pants, shirt, blazer and white shoes. In this case, it’s ideal to use the shoes without socks and the pants rolled up a little, that may leave the footwear exposed, highlighting it’s style.

White sneakers with a social look – For a long time now, fashion has shown to be very flexible and dynamic. It’s possible to use pants and a blazer with a more social look, a white t-shirt and sneakers, for example.

Contrast – For an elegant and simple look, the tip is to use a black pants and black t-shirt combination with white sneakers. The contrast is very elegant.

All Jeans and white sneakers – The All Jeans look, meaning jeans pants and jeans shirt, look great with a white sneakers. The look is very urban and modern.

As you can see, white shoes are a trend and guarantee many attractive combinations for the masculine looks. It’s possible to use them for work, to go out, to enjoy a party or vacations.

Versatility is the keyword when we talk about white shoes. So, abuse the styles, don’t be afraid to make combinations and use the white shoes to really stand out.

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