Footwear for Summer

With the arrival of Spring / Summer, it asks for a more casual style, as it is a time when the heat usually takes over, the use of a male drive, a male dockside and a driver's moccasin is indispensable. We are accustomed to wearing sneakers, social shoes, leather boots, but the use of casual shoes is not yet very familiar for some men, so today, besides presenting shoes to wear in the summer, we will give tips on how to use with no mistakes.


The Moccasin was created by the American Indians, they were used to protect their feet during their hunts. The main highlight is the Mocassin Copacabana Sandro Moscoloni, inspired by the beautiful beach of Rio de Janeiro, has more than 6 colors of the season. How to use Moccasin? No socks, can be with pants or shorts, it depends on your situation and can be perfectly used in work environments.


Another trend shoe for this summer is the Dockside, created in 1947 especially for nautical use, was initially produced in a rustic fashion, with white rubber soles. Today it has basically the same shape, but with more refined touches. The great highlight is the Malibu Sandro Moscoloni Men's Dockside, has 3 more closed colors, leaving the use at night even more elegant. How to use dockside? With a blazer its production gets even more funky, with knitwear is also super indicated, with pants and productions for work use is also recommended.


The highlight of the summer is the use of the male drive, an ideal shoe for those who deal with transit and must always be driving. Created to bring comfort to men who need long lasting day to day quality. The highlight is the Nassau Men's Drive, features sole with rubber balls, increasing grip on the car's pedal. How to use drive? It basically follows the same style of the moccasin and dockside, can be worn in shorts or pants, to go to service, with a social shirt or a polo shirt.


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