From The Office To The Weekend: Men’s Shoes You Can Wear Multiple Ways

 When choosing a pair of men's shoes, it is ideal that the model is versatile, resistant, and capable of multiplying your work and leisure combinations.

But this is not always possible. While some pairs are strictly social and do not allow for more casual combinations, others are very casual and therefore cannot be combined with sophisticated pieces.

 The good news is that there is a happy medium between them, or, in other words, a group of shoes characterized by neutrality, which enables men to expand their possibilities of combinations and radiates style and elegance in any kind of occasion.

  To help you find a versatile and joker shoe to make your outfit easy, the Sandro Moscoloni Blog team has listed some essential models in the men's closet.

Keep reading and check it out:

From The Office To The Weekend: Men’s Shoes You Can Wear Multiple Ways 

Slip On

Sandro Moscoloni Dillon Brown Leather Loafer

 Free of laces and guaranteed versatility, the Slip On is a pair that adapts well to the most varied types of clothes and situations.

If your workplace doesn't require so much seriousness, you can combine the model with jeans or tailored pieces to ensure a youthful and uncomplicated office look.

Also, the Slip On is a great mate to compose casual looks with printed t-shirts and shorts.

By far, a true joker shoe; which wears your feet in a practical and versatile way at several moments of day by day.


Sandro Moscoloni Andres Navy Driving Moccasin

 Ideal for shoes of modern and stylish men, the Drivers are shoes with a nautical footprint, considered a contemporary version of the classic Moccasin.

 With thin and flexible soles, they offer total comfort when walking or driving.

 Also, they are aesthetically elegant and made of genuine leather, joined with all the technology integrated into Sandro Moscoloni's processes.

Casual Sneaker

Sandro Moscoloni Casual Sneaker Casey Light Blue

If you are a fan of casual and urban style, you know how a Casual Sneaker can multiply your combinations. That's because this type of footwear, in addition to being absolutely comfortable, keeps an informal touch to the combinations.

 Still, it is characterized by the well-being that a sneaker provides together with the delicate traits of a shoe.

 No doubt, it is a good bet to compose looks with jeans, jackets, twill garments, tailoring and much more.



Sandro Moscoloni Premium Aiden Dark Brown Mule


The men's mule was very popular in the 70's, and, after more than 40 years, it has re-emerged in street style as a comfortable and versatile footwear option for men's feet on warm days.

 The model is practical to wear and join an elegant proposal; modern, casual and perfect to give a new look to leisure time or business looks; following your business demands, for sure.

 Have you enjoyed discovering the best shoe models to multiply your combination possibilities?


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