Got tired of my beard, now what?

Since 2010, the beard has started to dominate the world and it seems that this wave of bearded men is going from fashion to become a habit.


Previously, the beards were a sign of sloppiness, it was an inadmissible natural body part for jobs. But good thing that this is over, after all, if the guy looks more presentable with beard, what's the problem in letting it grow?


As long as it is well cared for, there’s no problem.


Good, but if the hairy trend disappears, you need to be ready to shave the safest way to not regret it later with the new face. If you want to have that young face again, or at least lose a few years, it is good to take care of the skin when shaving.


There’s nothing worse than shaving and getting all skin irritated, popping and the worst, with ingrown hairs? It's horrible, and we believe your significant other will not approve of a new look that is more careless than a beard.


To prevent and make a professional shave, you will need a kit that prepares shaving skin, a good shaving foam to do it like a professional barber and a product to complete the baby smooth face.


Oh, we have this kit, what a coincidence, huh? Dr. Jones - The Shave Box.


Dr. Jones's "The Shave Box" is a complete kit that turns shaving into a true ritual:

Start with pre-shaving astringent to clean the skin and prevent ingrown hairs. Then it's time for action. Use the shaver of your choice, if necessary, remove excess hair with an electric shaver, then pass the Dr. Jones shaving foam and then smooth the face with the blade. After that, it is only to finish with the aftershave lotion that will give freshness in the face and leaves everything cute, without irritations and redness.


See? It is easy, it is painless and it is necessary to take such care when abandoning of lumberjack look.


The Kit is available at the Sandro Moscoloni Online Store, go the site and ensure yours to shave properly from now on.


The Shave Box Contains:

1 - Isotonic Face Scrub - Step 1

2 - Precision Foam - Step 2

3 - Recharge After-Shave - Step 3

A handbag to keep everything!


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