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In fact, technology has automated countless processes, people have been replaced by machines, distances enshorted, consumer relations have been transformed. But, as unlikely as it may seem, the truth is that even incredible technological advances have not been able to replace the excellence of products manufactured with care, attention and the skills of experienced hands. Even when handcrafted work is combined with state-of-the-art technology, the end result includes unique pieces, with incomparable look and durability. In this context, there are many men with a high standard of demand who still opt for handmade shoes, such as those presented by Sandro Moscoloni, which in addition to having exclusive designs and noble leather, also receive a special manual touch, along with new technology applications, without failing sustainable principles. If you consider yourself a demanding man and want to lead your steps with performance, style, and endurance, find out below the processes adopted by Sandro Moscoloni to guarantee you an error-proof wearing experience.

Technologies Used

At Sandro Moscoloni, we understand that details make all the difference, and for this reason, we use selected high-end leather pieces in our shoes, which go through numerous stages of development until they are delivered.

Gel Construction
The Gel Construction technology involves a sole work in gel rubber which is produced from the natural gel rubber, and because of that it is capable of increasing comfort and proportioning softness and sense of relief while walking.

360 Flexibility 360 technology provides the user with smoother walking comfort, as the flexible insole facilitates foot movement and extends comfort.

Comfort Plus

The Comfort Plus technology integrates placed lined with sheepskin leather, providing extra comfort and offering softer leather that protects against the cold.

Soft Impermeability

Ideal for walks that have obstacles, Soft Impermeability provides waterproofing from pairs to the mooring box.

Hypercomfort insoles are produced in PU with the highest technology on the market and offer your steps maximum comfort and quality.

M180 Sole Technology

The "Sole Absorbent Impact" has an exclusive technology of impact absorption through the interior of the Sole with anti-impact layers.

Hot Foot Technology
Hot Foot technology allows your feet to be constantly warm while wearing the shoe, isolating them from the outside temperature. With 100% synthetic wool lining, it offers the feeling of "walking on clouds". Ideal for winter days.

Sustainable principles

The gif shows the process of the sole-making techonology ECO RUBBER who uses reused discarts to make our rubber.

Eco Rubber - Sustainbility 

More than offering resistant and stylish pairs, we also care about the sustainability of the planet. that's why all our rubber soles are made from recyclable tires. in this way, we are able to re-use what would otherwise be discarded and reduce the impacts on the environment.


LWG seal

The Leather Working Group, also known by the acronym LWG is a non-profit organization, created in 2005 by a group of big brands such as Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Timberland and leather producers who are concerned about the impact caused by the segment in the environment. Since then, the group has been directing efforts and using its knowledge to promote constant improvement in sustainable processes through the implementation of protocols and identification of the best practices in the leather industry. In addition, the Leather Working Group is based on the LWG-Environmental Audit Protocol which, since 2006, has analyzed the practices involved in the consumption operations of the brands approved in the audits. We received a seal to symbolize our degree of compliance and commitment to the quality standards imposed by the protocols. That's why you can trust each of the pieces we sell and be sure that good impact practices are also part of our DNA.

Present in the market for over 45 years, Sandro Moscoloni knew how to extract the best of each culture to produce handcrafted shoes to follow the demanding man in moments of work, leisure and adventures with guaranteed performance, style and performance. Originally Italian, the brand, which has elegance as its essence, established itself in the United States to accentuate technological processes. Expanded its headquarters to Spain, which is the true European cultural cradle and, not by chance, chose the city of Franca, which is known as the footwear capital and includes one of the largest footwear centers in the world to establish and produce world-renowned footwear. with a quality internationally unmistakable. Now that you know all the processes, origins and certifications that make Sandro Moscoloni a trusted brand, go to the website and check out the exclusive models of Footwear and Genuine Leather, Sneakers, Loafers, Boots in Genuine Leather and Drives.

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