High Top Sneakers: 5 reasons to have one in your closet

Urban, modern and comfortable, high top sneakers are excellent bets to guide the steps of modern men in casual moments.

The informality of the models allows for young and relaxed combinations. In addition, the pairs are absolutely versatile and can be used with the most varied pieces of clothing in the men's closet, such as shorts, jeans, jackets, t-shirts and much more.

Amsterdan Hight Top Sneaker

If you're still not convinced that you need high-top sneakers to multiply your possibilities and escape the obvious when composing your looks, continue reading and check out the article that the Sandro Moscoloni team has prepared for you.

1. Resistance

In addition to offering extra support for the ankle, helping to prevent injuries, high-top sneakers made of genuine leather are synonymous with resistance.

On the Sandro Moscoloni website, you will find an incredible variety of models made from the best raw materials and with exclusive technologies such as Gel Construction, Flexibility 360, which provide more lightness and mobility when walking.

Without a doubt, pairs are excellent companions to guide your steps on summer nights and also on those gray and rainy days.


2. Style

The high top sneakers are urban and trendy pairs that add a style upgrade to the modern men's outfit.

With a jovial and relaxed proposal, the models transform any look and harmonize very well with cargo shorts, jeans and skinny pants.

In addition, they are great options to elongate the male silhouette and can be worn inside or outside the pants, allowing for multiple compositions.


3. Timeless

We know that fashion and trends change according to society's behavior. However, some pairs are classic and timeless and therefore can be used in any season of the year, regardless of the bets for each season.

Undoubtedly, high-top sneakers are one of them.

The models available at Sandro Moscoloni are classic and neutral. Depending on the color tone, they can be easily integrated into the most diverse combinations of looks.


4. Versatility

Undeniably versatile, the high-top sneakers can be used in all-jeans looks, with blazers, plaid shirts, t-shirts and much more.

In other words, they are true jokers and move very well from casual combinations to more incorporated productions, such as night looks for ballads, concerts and trips to the city's bars.


5. Comfort

There is no point in shoes being resistant, stylish, timeless and versatile if they are not comfortable. And when it comes to comfort, Sandro Moscoloni's high-top sneakers are true references.

This is because, in addition to the models being made of soft genuine leather, they also have insoles with a cushioned finish, which guarantee total softness and flexibility when walking. They are also completely lightweight and perfect for modern men, who need flexibility and mobility to face - and overcome countless challenges in a single day.


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Anyway, now that you've checked out the 5 reasons why you should have high-top sneakers in your closet, how about going to  Sandro Moscoloni's website, checking out the premium models available and guaranteeing your favorite?


Stay tuned to Sandro Moscoloni's Blog soon, we'll have lots of news here!

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