Hiking Boots Guide - How to Choose the Best Hiking Boots

When walking on urban ground or exploring landscapes in the midst of nature, your feet need total comfort and flexibility. For this, having a hiking boot to protect your feet, creating grip on irregular grounds and making these moments more safer is fundamental. 

Therefore, when choosing the ideal footwear to attend you on your best adventures, it’s important to pay attention to these characteristics as well as observe other functionalities

To help you in this mission, we, from the Sandro Moscoloni Blog Team, prepared an article with infallible tips to guarantee the assertiveness on your next purchase. Keep reading and check it out.

Hiking Boots Guide - How to Choose the Best Hiking Boots

Think about the highways you take

The first step before purchasing a boot it’s to think of the rides you usually take.

In fact, the hiking involves irregular terrains full of deformities, besides that, there are other particularities that must be considered.

For example, do you usually walk in rocky or muddy regions?

If so, it’s necessary to take into account that environments like these make locomotion hard, mostly due to the slopes.

Therefore, in those cases, it’s essential to observe the sole of the shoe and pay close attention, mainly, to the heights and embossing present on the inferior part of the boot.
The larger and the more further apart they are, the bigger the grip.

On the other hand, if you walk through less uneven grounds, it’s best to choose models with greater galore and quantity of these structures on the sole. 

Sandro Moscoloni Marcus Floater Brown Boots


Prioritize soft models, breathable and non-slip.

Anyone who practices hiking knows that, during the activity, which can last several hours, it’s best to be ready for anything.

Therefore, the best option is to invest in a soft boot to guarantee more freedom and mobility for your walk.

Besides that it’s important to observe if the chosen footwear it’s non-grip to avoid slips and, above all,  value your safety.

To avoid the unpleasant sensation of sweat on your feet or socks, it’s also important to choose a footwear with a breathable material, such as noble leather, which provides comfort and it’s synonymous with resistance and durability.

Observe the level of comfort provided

Even when buying shoes on the internet, it’s possible to have a notion of the level of comfort they present. For that, it’s necessary to observe some questions with lots of attention.

Before anything else, check if the size of the model corresponds with the standard shape of other shoes, after all, the sizing chosen impacts directly to the comfort provided.

It’s also important to observe the description of the product, as well as the materials used, processes of fabrication , the length and width of the models (in centimeters).

These are valuable tips that help the customers to have a brighter idea of the advantages offered by the boots. 

Sandro Moscoloni’s hiking boots, for example, are fabricated on noble leather, they present comfortable and adaptable insoles, and are designed by numerous technologies, which assure the performance and durability of the models.

Sandro Moscoloni Men's Boot Mitchel Brown


When it comes to hiking, quality, performance and resistance are essential factors, for that, it is very important to pay close attention to the materials that compose the upper, lining, and sole of the chosen model, after all, they are the ones offering the comfort and functionality necessary for your outdoor adventure.

The good news is, currently, there are many types of technology made to promote comfort during the practice of those activities. 

At Sandro Moscoloni for example, there are three major technologies that underlie hiking boots, they are:

Gel construction:

A type of sole produced from NATURAL RUBBER GEL. It is extremely soft and provides ample comfort and shock absorption while walking.

Flexibility 360:

Offers the wearer of the footwear a smoother foot-to-ground contact when walking. With its soft insole, your feet have more freedom of movement.

Eco Rubber:

Eco Rubber soles are made with reused rubber from recyclable tires, as a way to reduce damage to the environment and help meet current needs; caring about the next generations.

Choosing short ankle boot:

Considering that hiking involves the practice of shorter walks, it is best to opt for short boots, after all, although they are soft, these shoes have all the safety features necessary for these activities.

It is necessary to consider that, during a walk in the midst of nature, it is essential to care about protecting the feet, which support the entire body.

At Sandro Moscoloni, you will find a wide selection of hiking boots. All models have the requirements that we have mentioned so far and contribute to pleasant and safe rides.

Sandro Moscoloni Adventure Boot Full Ride


Anyway, now that you know how to choose your ideal hiking boot, what about visiting Sandro Moscoloni's website and checking prices and special conditions to guarantee your newest companion for tours and adventures?


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