How to clean leather shoes?


Do you know how to clean your leather shoes the right way? No? So stick with us. We are going to tell you all the things you should and shouldn't do.

Leather shoes can be stressful when it comes to cleaning. There are certain products that you cannot use, and other products that are perfect for that.


First, if possible, switch between your leather shoes. Try to avoid using it for more than two days in a row because the leather needs time to dry completely after use. This happens due to the sweating of our feet. It doesn't matter if you wear it with or without socks (big mistake).


In order for the shoes to maintain a new appearance, it is essential for them to be hydrated, to prevent them from drying out. There are several moisturizers for shoes on the market. You need to buy what's right for your shoe.


Water, despite being the most obvious option, is not a good option as it tends to dry out the leather over time. This will cause it to lose all its quality and durability.


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If we can't use water in the shoe, how do we clean it? For light day-to-day dust, simply scrub gently with a soft-bristled brush. If there is a lot of dirt, a damp flannel can be used. And be aware when we say damp flannel: it needs to be damp, not wet.


If you've moisturized and cleaned your shoe, now it's time to shine it. When doing so, it is important to use a grease of the color corresponding to that of the shoe. Brown with brown, black with black. Grease a flannel and start polishing the shoe in a circular motion. Do this throughout the shoe, paying attention to all the little details that it has.


Prolonged exposure to sunlight is harmful to leather shoes as it can fade and even cause cracking due to dryness. But if you stay in the sun for just a few minutes, that's no problem.


What if your shoe gets wet in the rain or in a puddle? Let it dry in a dry place, but never directly in the sun, as people do with shoes made of another type of material. If you do this with leather, you're sure to ruin it.


Following these small tips, it is possible to clean your shoe and keep it in great condition for a great period of time.


Whenever possible, keep it close to a draft, so that it is ventilated. But remember: never in direct contact with the sun or even any splash of water.


Care is the key to keeping them looking like new.

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