How to Wear Dress Shoes: a Sandro Moscoloni's Guide

The choice of footwear has a great influence when joining with a fancy look, by far it needs to get close with the outfit and make sure to walk comfortably and elegantly.

Currently, the market has several options of men's shoes; from the most classic to the brand new style and modernity. To create a fool-proof composition, investing in social models is always a good choice. With so much diversity, many men wonder how to make this investment worthwhile. The answer is simple; always starting with the classics.

How about some help? Keep reading and check out Sandro Moscoloni's Guide to Dress Shoes.

 Is it possible to wear men's social shoes on a daily basis ?

The answer is yes!

Although most men believe that men's social shoes are only restricted to formal occasions, the truth is that as stated earlier; the market offers a wide variety of models to make it possible to adapt the looks according to your need.

For this, the best way to find out how to bet on certain models on a daily basis is to know the most popular versions available and their purposes.


Check it out below:


The image shows a man with his legs up, wearing a Dress Shoes OXford Sandro Moscoloni Premium

Considered one of the most comfortable social shoes in the men's universe, the Oxford is also a sophisticated, flexible model capable of conveying elegance in a production. It is very suitable for formal dinners, refined events and business meetings.

Oxford is characterized by the absence of flaps, rounded toe and seams throughout its surface. Because of its neutral proposal, it is mostly found in shades of black, navy and brown. They go well with suits, blazers, dress shirts and tailored pants.


Monk Strap 

The image contains a man wearing a Sandro Moscoloni Premium Monk Strap Dress Shoe

With a differentiated aesthetic, the Monk Strap is a social shoe that escapes the ordinary and quickly wins the hearts (and feet!) of men who value bold and original combinations.The model is characterized by its buckles and straps, which replace the shoelace and promote a more practical tying.Its name comes from its origin. 

Everything indicates that the footwear was created by European monks, who are looking for a shoe to replace sandals and protect their feet.

Versatile; the Monk Strap transits well in formal or casual events, as long as it is used with appropriate clothes for each moment.



Contains a seated man, wearing casual clothes and with the Sandro Moscoloni Derby Social Shoe

Popular in the man's universe, the Derby is marked by the presence of laces and a slightly marked toe. In addition, it features well-opened flaps positioned at the height of the shoelace.

As much as it is less sophisticated than Oxford, Derby is also a great alternative to finish off looks with a blazer and dress pants. Also, having a more urban proposal, it also allows combinations with jeans and twill (if it is in dark washes). 

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The image features a man holding a male Penny Loafer Sandro Moscoloni

The Loafer is a model developed in 1930 in the United States, and has been present since in most of the look productions. Its design is marked by the so-called “weejuns” that feature a diamond-shaped leather band, located at the height of the instep. In 1960, the version became popular among American students attending universities and after that it spread around the world.  As it does not contain laces or buckles, the Loafer is a casual alternative, ideal for finishing off everyday productions. They are good with jeans, polo shirts and other cotton pieces.

Find out the models of Loafer Sandro Moscoloni. Click here

Tips for choosing the best men's social shoes

How to choose men's dress shoes?

Choose a model that matches your style:

There's no point buying a shoe just because it's fashionable. The model needs to suit your style and add comfort to your feet. In order not to make a mistake when choosing,

One good tip is to look for a model that matches the pieces you already have in your closet and the places you usually go to.

Prioritize high quality shoes

Men's social shoes should be flexible, comfortable and resistant. The ideal is that the chosen model is produced in genuine leather.

At Sandro Moscoloni, you will find several classic options for social shoes. Developed using the latest technologies, they have an excellent lifespan, allow the feet to breathe better and do not deform or peel over time.

Another important items to consider 

During your search for the perfect shoe, be sure to check out other essential details such as the finish of the piece, which must be well applied to all parts of the product. Check that the materials used must be genuine, if the brand offers a factory warranty and if the items that make it up guarantee comfort and care about each step that you take. This ensures an error-proof purchase and an excellent investment.

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As you saw, shoes can be great allies for contemporary men.Now that you know what and how to match them, just join the information on practice to make interesting compositions in a few minutes. And if you still don't have a dress shoe for yourself, click here, access the Sandro Moscoloni website and check out the variety of models made by genuine leather and cutting-edge technology; it's ready to transform your look and make it amazing.

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