Loafer: find out how to bet on shoes to create a casual look

The loafer is a classic shoe, characterized by its comfort, style and practicality. Made of noble leather, its design is marked by a leather strap, which supports the instep.

This model was popularized by none other than James Dean, the eternal rebel without a cause, who became a style icon due to his combinations.


Do you want to know more about footwear and find out how it can compose a casual look? So, continue to read and check out the article that Sandro Moscoloni's blog team prepared for you.

The loafer and its variations

The Loafer can be found in several variations, some more casual and some more formal. It all depends on the type of leather used, colors and finish.

A more neutral and dark piece, for example, guarantees excellent combinations with suits and blazers. The suede models combine with tailoring pieces, chino pants, jeans and much more. Discover the most popular versions of Loafer below:

Mens penny loafers

Regarded as the best known, the penny version features a leather band on the upper part of the shoe, which appears as a type of cutout, located in the center of the shoe, just above the instep.

Versatile, the model can be combined both with casual pieces, such as jackets and jeans, and with formal clothes such as suits and blazers. Therefore, it is an indispensable piece in the wardrobe of men who value comfort and elegance.

Mens horsebit loafers


Originally created by Gucci in the 20th century, the model's name is a reference to the bridles used by horses.

With the characteristic Italian design, the Horsebit Loafer is a great alternative to complete social looks and replace the Derby, for example.

However, if the objective is to add a more sophisticated look to a more relaxed composition, it is also possible to use the loafer with jeans and tailoring pieces.


Mens tassel loafers

Very traditional, Loafer Tassel features an adornment on its upper that looks like a fringe.

Considered the most refined version of footwear, the use of the Tassel is limited to formal occasions that require fine or formal attire. Therefore, it is a great bet to guide your steps in weddings, graduations, events or important meetings.

Loafer: how to wear it?

Marked by its versatility, the Loafer goes well with most pieces of men's wardrobe. Check below some tips that we have prepared for you to bet on this model with a lot of style and sophistication.

With socks or without socks? That's your choice!


Although the loafer follows the sockless line of style, this does not mean that it is prohibited to use it with an apparent sock. Quite the contrary, the model allows the use of colored socks to compose a more youthful and fun look. However, it is important to mention that, in these cases, the Loafer must always be used with long pants, making socks steal the scene only when you are sitting down.

Loafer + tailoring = a mistake-proof composition

The Loafer has its dose of casualness and formality at the same time, so it can be worn both with dark wash jeans, to compose a more laid-back look, and with tailored pants, to compose a classic, refined and stylish outfit and error proof.


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Choose the material

The material of the loafer directly influences the quality and finish of the piece. Generally, these shoes are made of leather or suede.

The first option tends to be more classic and traditional, while the second is a great bet for composing casual looks for leisure time.

Avoid combining your loafer with shorts

Even though the Loafer can be casual at times and guarantee incredible looks with straight jeans, tailored pieces, cotton or chino, it is not a footwear that goes with shorts, after all, its more serious and refined features predominate and, when combined the pair with shorts, you devalue both clothes and shoes.

So, if you want to bet on your loafer on a hot day, opt for pants with cooler fabrics, which allow for greater air circulation.

Note the details of the shoes


Last but not least, the big difference between the loafers models is in the details. It's the little features like the cut of the strap or the presence of accessories that can tell if the model manages to adapt - or not - to a casual outfit.

Therefore, paying attention to all applications and information on the shoe is essential to use it properly.


Loafer: where to buy?

If you intend to guarantee a Loafer in noble material, with guaranteed comfort, resistance and quality, the best place to buy the model is on the Sandro Moscoloni website. This is because the brand, specialized in fine footwear, has great diversity and is recognized in the market for products of excellent origin and impeccable customer service.

In addition, Sandro Moscoloni has the LWG certification, from the Leather Working Group organization, the highest reference in the segment of good environmental practices.

The certification proves the traceability of raw materials and the entire environmental and product management system, conscious consumption and reuse of resources such as water and energy adopted by the company, which respects all current national and international laws.

All Sandro Moscoloni products are manufactured using the latest technology and go through several production stages that ensure size, comfort, quality and durability.

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