Male look tips for spring/summer 2019

July is here, and with this new month, comes the hottest season of the year. And as soon as seasons change, everyone asks themselves: what are the new fashion trends? We can guarantee that the spring/summer 2019 period stores looks and male shoes full of style.

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Longline shirt

The longline shirt is known for it’s bigger length. It’s more or less thigh height. It’s an ideal piece to complete the “loose style”. To match, bet on jeans or sweatpants. Male shoes can be adventure boots. You have the option to use this look in day to day or in moments that are more special.

Skinny pants

Skinny pants are a popular choice for hot weathers. It’s tight model express a really modern style, on top of being versatile. Some highlight for the colors black, brown or even light or dark jeans. It’s possible to use longline shirts with skinny pants. Sneakers or minimalistic boots are great to complete the outfit.

Mixing colors and patterns

The spring/summer 2019 period fit into many colors and patterns! Use the green, orange, purple, yellow and other intense colors. And don’t forget to mix the colors! Inverted stamps are also valid. Take your chance to also create looks with male footwear like sneakers.

Vertical stripes

For those that prefer a more discreet outfit, vertical stripes are excellent.  It’s another trend for the hot seasons. The stripes can be of any color. The more traditional option is the white shirt with black stripes. A piece that also matches social pants and jeans of all shades. Try it with sneakers or social shoes too. The cool thing is that there are a lot of variation options for male shoes.

Male shoes – Sandro Moscoloni

Our online store always have male shoes for every style. Don’t waste your change to see the sneakers, oxford, boots, sandals, flip-flops and much more. Our models have a variety of colors and of course, hot shades.

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