Men's Belt: A Basic Guide to Choosing the Right Model

Men's Belt: a basic guide to choosing the ideal model. Check it out on Sandro Moscoloni's blog.

Men's Belt: a basic guide to choosing the ideal model

In addition to leaving the pants and shorts in the exact measure, men's belts also add a style upgrade to the masculine look and can contribute to more classic and sophisticated combinations.

However, to ensure an infallible outfit, it is necessary to take some care not to make a mistake when choosing an accessory.

With that in mind, the Sandro Moscoloni Blog team created a basic guide for you to choose the ideal belt and transform your formal or casual looks.

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  1. Avoid fabric belts

In general, fabric belts don't give an elegant look, most of the time, these accessories make up more adolescent and stripped styles and don't match more sophisticated pieces, such as twill or tailored pants.

In addition, another disadvantage is that materials such as cotton, polyester and canvas get dirty easily and damage the entire look

  1. Choose the correct size

Many men do not pay attention to the size when choosing a belt and end up buying either very wide pieces that do not hold the pants, or very tight pieces, which influence the aesthetics and comfort of the look

It is worth remembering that the belt numbering must be chosen according to the hip measurement.

Therefore, measure the circumference before finalizing the purchase and always choose a model that is larger than your hip, to ensure a “slack” during use.

  1. Choose neutral tones

Undoubtedly, one of the fundamental steps to harmonize belts with your clothes is knowing how to combine colors.

For this, it is best to choose classic and neutral tones, such as navy, black, brown and caramel, which are easy to combine and can be present in the most varied looks, from work combinations to leisure occasions.

In addition, it is also important to note the thickness of the belt, the thinner, the more elegant and formal it is.

  1. Pay attention to the closing system

In the belts, the closing system is due to the buckles that are found in the most diverse styles and sizes, so it is essential to know how to choose them according to the occasion.

For example, large and more decorated models, such as those that are part of the “cowboy style” - are not recommended for most work or formal environments.

Aviation-style buckles, with metallic fitting, are more suitable for sports.

The simplest and most minimalist buckles, such as those available on the Sandro Moscoloni´s website, have a more refined proposal and can be used in the most diverse occasions.


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  1. Want a versatile piece? Bet on leather belts

As well as shoes, leather belts are also the most suitable. After all, they have noble, resistant material, have an impeccable finish and provide a much more sophisticated look to the outfit.

In addition, they are flexible pieces, which harmonize well with shorts, jeans, tailored pieces and much more.

Where can I find men's belts?

We at Sandro Moscoloni know that accessories can be great allies when creating elegant compositions. That's why we created exclusive and minimalist belts, designed to accompany the frenetic daily life of modern men, who need to be well dressed, comfortable and ready for any occasion.

Our models are made of premium leather, a material that provides excellent durability and quality for your day.

In addition, our belts are presented in one size and adjust to different measurements, from size 32 to 42.

Check out some models:


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