Men's Chelsea boot - what is it and how to wear it?


Find out what is the new hit trend of the moment when it comes to men's fashion: the Chelsea boot.


You probably heard a lot about this type of boot, or you haven't heard it yet and you don't know what it is about.

Let's take a look at the Chelsea boot, which is used by men right now. Chelsea boots are nothing more than the current and stylish version than the old cowboy boots, used on a large scale by men.


Originally made for both men and women, the ankle-high style traditionally features a small heel and tab on the back to make it easier to wear it. It’s name probably came from the popularity in the Chelsea region of London during the '50s and '60s when the Beatles, and even the Rolling Stones all rocked the shoe style.


The only difference is that Chelsea boots have an elegant finish. It can be used with any type of clothing: from the simple look, clean and minimalist (the most suitable for this type of boot), then, to use a more minimalist look: white or black T-shirt over skinny jeans to the body (the chelsea boot would be a great idea to add quality to the look and also differentiate, giving any style required).


It's not a high-soled boot, so it's not very suitable for men who want to look taller. They can wear it, obviously, but it won't fit so well, because of the size.

For taller men, Chelsea boots are very suitable. Because it will leave the person at the height they really have, and it will stretch, which is a very good thing when it comes to fashion tips.

The leather Chelsea Boot is the best known. It can be used with more stripped looks, due to its versatility. The combinations that can be made with it are endless, from the most basic look, such as a T-shirt and jeans, to wearing a single, plain color jacket without prints.


The second type of Chelsea boots available is the suede variety. Due to their texture, suede Chelsea boots appear more casual than traditional leather styles and can infuse outfits with a relaxed aesthetic. As such, they can seem a little underdressed for formal looks.


As it is used for something more formal, this type of Chelsea boot can be used even with dress shirts and linen pants more adapted to the body.


Regardless of how you wear it: never wear it inside your pants. This will ruin the whole look, and this is something you don't want to happen.


Other than that, wearing very tight pants, Chelsea boots can and should be worn by all those who have good taste, a sense of fashion and who want to stand out from the crowd.

Where to buy men's chelsea boots?

Sandro Moscoloni's chelsea boots are produced with several technologies to offer our customers maximum comfort and beauty.

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Our technologies are:


Sole Gel construction / Ecoruber

The Gel Construction is a technology for the sole of the Boot made of natural gel rubber that ensures greater grip and less wear on the shoe. In addition to flexibility and comfort.

In addition to beautiful and comfortable shoes, we are also concerned with the sustainability of the planet. That's why we develop soles made with ecological rubber. This is an action taken to reduce the damage caused to the environment and help meet current needs, thinking about the next generations.

Legitimate LWG leather

Sandro Moscoloni also has a commitment with the environment, thinking about the present but also the future generations. There is a saying that what is made today, will determine the world of tomorrow. Based on this thought, the brand is associated with The Leather Working Group (LWG). Read more 

360° Flexibility

In addition to the traditional design, the Chelsea Boot has Flexibility 360° technology applied to its insole. With this, the insole molds to your feet and does not stiffen over time, in order to provide greater comfort for your steps.

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