Men's Mule: discover how to bet on the trend

Men's mule: discover how to bet on the trend

The ease of wearing, the absence of laces and the absence of socks are essential factors when considering the choice of a mule.

Footwear, very popular in the 17th century, emerged as an exclusively male garment, usually seen with square or arched ends. But that changed when the piece was reinvented so that it could also be worn by women, from then on, the models with a sharper beak emerged which still predominate in this day and age.

If you're a fan of comfort, style, and versatility, the mule has everything to be your companion, so it's essential to choose one that meets your personal needs and, most importantly, fits your personal style.

Read on and learn more about the model in the article that the Sandro Moscoloni blog team has prepared for you.

How to use Mule:

Another infallible combination is made up of mule + jeans, the texture responsible for creating infinite possibilities. To compose traditional looks, it is worth opting for darker washes, but, if the intention is to leave the basics, destroyed jeans are super current. 

Who those think that the mule can only be used with pants is very wrong!

After all, bermuda shorts and shorts also create great combinations with shoes.

By choosing bermuda shorts made of light fabrics and mules in sober colors, it is possible to create fashion looks even for warm days. The shorts, on the other hand, can be combined with models rich in details, to create cool compositions.


Buttoned shirts are also perfect pieces to create looks with mules, since they are on the spot elegant and versatile in the right measure. Another interesting alternative is plain and patterned shirts, which form a true counterpoint to the shoe.

Types of Mules

The Mule Elias Slip On is made of fine leather, has a casual design and features perforations in the upper that guarantee a fresh touch. In addition, the coffee tone is neutral, natural and is part of the earthy tones; a guarantee of versatility.


But, if your style is more focused on the social, models by Sandro Moscoloni met the requirements that were hired for ennobled shoes, rich details in the buckles, seams and soles. This is the case with Premium Aiden models.


The pairs, inspired by the comfort and convenience of the moccasin, are elegant, versatile and discreet to compose a social outfit without giving up style and practicality. 


Now that you know how to use a mule and have reserved a space in your closet, click here, go to Sandro Moscoloni's website and check out the selection of mules mading by genuine leather, with exclusive prices and conditions that we have prepared for you!


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