Putting shoes away correctly

How to put away your shoes conserving them for longer ?

Sometimes we use that shoe that we love multiple times a week, right? But how to conserve it if we’re always wearing it? When it’s time to put them away!

a man tying up his shoes with a brown short and red man shoe

Storing your shoes in airy places, far away from the sunlight will make them last a lot longer. This is the initial tip but the trick to perfectly putting it away is cleaning it before placing them somewhere. We carry around a lot of dirt from places we’ve been through daily, so this is a crucial initiative to make them last long.

Another tip is to avoid storing them on top of each other. This can deform them, cause scratches or marks. The ideal is for them to be in shelves in airy places.

two pairs of shoes setted up one on top of the other

With these basic tips, even your most used shoe will be conserved!

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