Shoe guide: what to Wear to Work this Spring

Men wearing a Derby shoes with wingtip brogue and sitting at a couch with a bag on the side

When creating the outfit for work it is essential to consider the importance of elegant shoes which will contribute to a personal presentation, help to make a good impression, in addition to ensuring the comfort necessary to endure a frenetic routine.

However, during the hot days in Spring, choosing a shoe that is versatile, flexible and, above all, sophisticated, may not be as easy as it sounds. 

To help you through this mission, we at Sandro Moscoloni Team, have created a small guide with the most suitable models for to put on working days and create amazing combinations, totally focused on the well-being your feet deserve and on the class that your look needs.

It is worth mentioning that all shoes developed by Sandro Moscoloni have unique technologies that ensure complete comfort, lightness and durability.

Shoe guide: what to Wear to Work this Spring

Moccasin, a classic for the elegant look

A great bet for hot days of Spring, the Moccasin goes well with jeans leggings, linen and cotton wear and can be used to compose more formal looks, ideals for work occasions.
Extremely comfortable, a good bet for the season is to choose pairs in smooth and versatile tonalities, such as the Caramel, the Nude and Navy Blue.

Sandro Moscoloni Navy Moccasin Andres

Derby, guaranteed versatility

The Derby style shoes are incontestable companion for modern men from the working hours to leisure time. Even though they are not all formal, these pairs are a good bet for the office look, and with that objective they can be combined with blazers or social shirts.
All Sandro Moscoloni are manufactured in legit leather, which provides more breathability to feet and reduces sweating. That’s why they are good allies to fitting your feet through this season. 
Derby Sandro Moscoloni Blucher Shane

Monk Strap: a versatile and elegant option 

The Monk Strap has what it takes to be a best friend for modern men who care for comfort and versatility In Black tone, it works well with various combinations.

For a more formal look, the trick is to combine the Monk Strap with straight chino pants in neutral color and white shirt. But if your work environment allows more casual combinations, it is worth going for jeans jackets and sarja pants.
With use put on and guaranteed flexibility, this wildcard is a great investment to conduct your pace through Spring.

Monk Strap Sandro Moscoloni Wendell

Slip on: lightness and freedom

If your working environment allows lighter modern and at ease compositions, then it is definitely worth betting on a slip-on to add to the corporate outfit during springtime.
With easy put on and guaranteed versatility, this model goes well with the most diverse styles in clothing such as jeans, sarja and tailoring.
Also, thanks to its more jovial proposal, you can wear them in your leisure time and goes well with shorts and t-shirts.

Sandro Moscoloni Black Sneakers Wanderlust


Casuals: a balance between comfort and sophistication

Excellent for the work routine, casuals are the shoes that unite comfort, easiness and sophistication.
In neutral tones, they easily harmonize with the lined style of clothes in corporate environments and convey the necessary seriousness while offering the wearer the right amount of well-being and flexibility.

Sandro Moscoloni Black Perfed Toe Sneakers Bravo




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