Shoeshiners: care for those who love shoes

                Normally they are on the sidewalks on the main streets. They are shoeshiners. You never tried out their care for male shoes? Well.

                There’s passion on the profession, there’s passion in the heart of those that still are shoeshiners nowadays. Because of course, male shoes aren’t just anything, they’re essential parts of a man’s image and can tell a lot about who this man is.

a man tying up his social shoe

                Currently, making a living by shining shoes can be quite unexpected, but there’s still money on it. And normally this money comes from high-end clients like managers, lawyers and judges.

                When you cross any shoeshiner, try out his care for your shoes. If that’s impossible but you still love your male shoes to the point where you want to take care of them yourself, it’s worth it to check the tips below.

For you to take care of your moccasins or shoes with laces like a true shoeshiner, you’re going to need:

  • Paste grease for shoes
  • Any kind of cloth to remove the previous grease
  • Cleaning gel
  • A small brush to spread the grease
  • A brush with soft bristles
  • Shine cloth for shoe

Let’s get to work!

For you not to make your workshop dirty, cover it with papers like journals. The first step is to remove the old grease. For that, apply the cleaning gel. Next, do the removal with a clean tissue.

In case you can’t find the cleaning gel in stores, use a damp cloth with a little of detergent. After removing the old grease, apply the paste grease with a small brush, a toothbrush that you’re planning on throwing away can work.

For brushing, the brush should be made for shoes. That’s because the bristles are ideal to let the male shoe with that shining look. The final touch should be delivered by the shine cloth to fixate the shine.

a man walking with his brown social shoes

To get rid of the odor, mix two liters of water with two tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate in one of those sprayers that can be found in perfumeries.

All you need to do is spray the mixture in a clean tissue and rub it on the inside and outside of the shoe. If the odors are too strong, it helps to put the sodium bicarbonate powder into the shoe itself and leave it somewhere airy.

With these tips, your shoes will remain beautiful for longer. If you can’t have your particular shoeshiner, make yourself the one who takes care of your shoes. Yes because they represent who you are.

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