The Best Sneakers For Man Right Now

Present since the beginning of men's daily life, sneakers, true companions of men, are essential to compose a casual and elegant look.

The models available in the most varied colors and styles, can compose casual, sporty looks and even more sophisticated productions.

Throughout history, they marked movements, were symbols of youth rebellion, and, with all versions, won a legion of adepts.

Much of this popularity is due to the basketball and hip hop legends that gave birth to sneaker culture. Pairs initially focused on sports, became a true way of life.

If you are part of the group of fans of this type of footwear, keep reading and check out the article that the Sandro Moscoloni team has prepared with the biggest trends of the season.

High top sneakers

Perfect to make the masculine look out of the obvious and add a modernity upgrade, the high-top sneakers are no longer a passing trend and have established themselves as timeless pairs, thanks to the sporty and at the same time, the fun proposal they give to male compositions.

High-cut shoes that extend to the ankle are perfect for everyday wear. On the Sandro Moscoloni website you will find several high top models made from the best raw materials available.

Informal models allow a series of combinations such as skinny pants, jackets, tank tops and t-shirts. However, because of the more casual look, they are not suitable for formal occasions.

Low top sneakers 

True street style classics, low-top sneakers integrate sporty and casual models such as stilettos, slip ons, with platform soles.

The pairs add an urban and cool touch to the masculine look, being true jokers in the closet of men who want to multiply their possibilities with comfort and flexibility to wear the feet of those who are in constant movement; Sandro Moscoloni presents a wide variety of low-top sneakers in neutral tones to make it possible to create a modern and stylish outfit.

Due to their versatility, the pairs can be used both in casual compositions such as jeans and t-shirts, as well as in formal combinations such as tuxedos or tailoring pieces, it all depends on the design and finish of the chosen model.

Sustainable sneakers

Sustainability is a constant issue in everyday urban life and even applies to fashion trends. This is because the current public is more aware and wants their choices to contribute to the reduction of environmental impacts.

Therefore, it is the role of brands to commit to the development of sustainable actions in relation to the selected raw materials and the manufacturing process of the products sold.

We at Sandro Moscoloni are responsible for offering shoes based on ethical practices, which involve environmental awareness, commitment to the disposal of recyclable products through the selective division of garbage and the use of recyclable boxes for packaging products.

 More than offering shoes of extreme quality, our mission is to contribute to a more responsible and egalitarian Planet.


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More than wearing stylish sneakers, demanding mens want their pairs to last for a long time and provide comfort and flexibility to the feet, to make the routine more practical and uncomplicated.

We at Sandro Moscoloni understand this need, so we pay attention to every detail to offer durable and high quality models.

In this context, we emphasize that, before reaching you, our products go through several stages of production that cover cutting-edge technologies to increase the useful life of the pairs, ensure that the material used meets the brand's quality standards and light and comfortable shoes.

Among the technologies developed by the team of experts at Sandro Moscoloni are:


Natural rubber gel insole


Soft sockliner that extends comfort without causing deformity in the pairs


Shoes made with goat leather lining to intensify comfort and protect against the cold.


With waterproofing even in the lace protection, the technology allows safe walks on routes that involve water or moderate rain.


Practical fit and guaranteed comfort.


Anyway, now that you already know about the biggest trends in the sneakers universe and the processes developed by Sandro Moscoloni to guarantee impeccable aesthetics and also impeccable quality; click here to access the website and guarantee a powerful ally to accompany you on a victorious journey!

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