The best summer boots for men

Few men's shoes are so democratic as boots. Present in everyday life always, it is even hard to tell when the model emerged, as it is observed in the history of humanity for a long time. Since ancient times, our ancestors used pieces of animal skin to protect themselves from the cold and primitive life.

As much of its origins being rustic , it is unquestionable how much the boots traveled through the changes of fashion and adapted to new behaviors. It is not a coincidence that these models are considered true street style icons.

Also, it’s totally possible to bet on the shoewear also on summer days, since the pieces present variations of all styles and can wear both country men, as well as compose the looks of those who value the urban theme.

Why should you bet on a men’s boot for the summer?

If you appreciate the impeccable match between comfort and style, there’s already a male boot in your closet, but if not, you should consider buying one.

This is because the boot it's not any footwear, with an urban initiative, it adds a touch of attitude and also a touch of personality to the most variable looks

Besides that, the low ankle models are a great bet for the hotter seasons like summer.

How to choose a men’s boot?

The choosing of the boot must occur like any other male garment, that is, taking in advance their personal style and occasion of use.

Sandro Moscoloni’s boots are developed in genuine leather, through ultra-technological processes, therefore, they're extremely durable and resistant. 

For that reason, it’s important to establish some criteria to choose the ideal piece to accompany you throughout many seasons.

For example, if you have many pairs of boots, the ideal it’s to prioritize the neutral models in earthy tones or all black, that way, it gets easier to multiply your combinations.

Besides, it's also interesting to think about which occasions you're going to wear the piece.

Certainly, a more social boot for an office look can also compose a good combination for an outside tour, as long as the correct harmonazing is done.

As opposed to formal footwear, the boots don’t have many rules for matching and can be worn with jeans, t-shirts, jackets, tailored pieces and so much more. What matters it's to feel well. 

Options of boots for men to wear in the summer:

Chukka Boots

Sandro Moscoloni Nick Chukka Boots

Fabricated in premium leather to guarantee best breathability to the feet, with a mid-pipe at the height of the ankle and closing with laces, the Chukka Boots refers to more full-bodied and rustic footwear.

Very versatile, the model is capable of multiplying the male combinations and could be worn at occasions of work or lounge. 

Click here to view all our Chukka Boots

Fashion tip: Combine your Chukka Boots with jeans or chino pants to create modern and unpeaceable compositions.


Sandro Moscoloni Claude Double Gore Plain Toe Chelsea Boot

A true classic in the men's closet, the Chelsea boot is characterized by its flat collar and elastic on the side. As much as it is considered a casual shoe, the diversity of tones and richness of details make this model a companion both for jeans and tailoring combinations. In addition, these boots add a cool air to men's combinations and, during the summer, they can also be combined with denim shorts and t-shirts. Guaranteeing comfort, versatility and flexibility, these gold key shoes have dominated the feet of modern men around the world.

Discover all our Chelsea boot models


Sandro Moscoloni Marcus Floater Brown Boots

Mainly guided by comfort and a robust proposal, Hiking Boots are a type of boot widely used for moments of adventure.

Developed in genuine leather and with a reinforced and non-slip sole, these shoes optimize performance when walking on uneven terrain, practicing trails paved through dirt and boulders or even long walks in the city.

To compose urban looks, they can be combined with more casual clothes, such as jeans and shorts. Click here to see all models of Hiking Boots.

Sneaker High Top

Sandro Moscoloni Mens Boot Zion

High top models made from sustainable materials such as canvas, in addition to being fresh and very comfortable, are also great choices for men who want to reduce environmental impacts while maintaining quality at every step.

In this sense, the Sandro Moscoloni High Top Sneakers line, which features shoes made from recyclable materials, is a great bet for men looking for modern boots, with an urban proposal and guaranteed style to do well in their summer outfit. 

Anyway, dear reader, did you enjoy discovering how to wear boots in the summer and which models are the most suitable? If this article was of interest to you, please leave your feedback in the comments.


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