The Biggest Men's Footwear Trends in the Fall-Winter

A man sitted at a brown marble ladder with a brown shoe with blue sole
US Fall-Winter Men's Biggest Trends
If you are a fan of fashion trends, you know that they change according to society's customs and behavior. This is because, more than current items, fashion serves to translate and materialize personal and collective desires. With the onset of the pandemic and the consequent social isolation, people are now opting for more comfort and convenience. Certainly, these choices also started to be reflected in everyday items, such as shoes and locker room parts. Then, to keep you up to date and help you make the best choices to stay covered in style this fall winter, Sandro Moscoloni's blog team has listed the hottest shoes for the coming seasons. Read on and check it out.
A men tieying his beige with brown boots with blacks pants and shirt
Winter is officially boot season. In 2022, the trend continues and the more robust pairs will continue with the right bet to face the cold days with all the comfort and resistance. On Sandro Moscoloni's website, you can find several models of men's boots, handcrafted from the best materials on the market and with the latest technology to give your feet greater flexibility and lead your steps with performance and resistance. click here and check out Chelsea Boots, Chukka, Hiking Boots and Snow Boots, Dress Boots and Work Boots models.
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Lug Sole Boots
A men wearing light lug boots sole shoes
Very present in 2021, everything indicates that the Lug Sole Boots will continue in high this autumn winter and should not leave the street style. is models, characterized by their maxi-sized sole made of non-slip rubber and deep grooves to provide more grip and still add an extra dash of style and protection. in addition, they are extremely practical and easy to be sanitized, undeniably comfortable, the pairs integrate the tendencycomfly that provides greater traction and stability to the steps. they are great parts to be used in the rain and make up the military mood, which is also a hit on the American streets. Very versatile, they can be used for snow adventures, daily life in the city, leisure time, studying, or even in the Office look (in case of work a little more flexible) as it is very modern, it can be combined with destroyed jeans, leather jackets, printed tshirts, cardigans and much more. It's also possible to choose between a proposal with more attitude, betting we'll wear outside the pants, I'll go more basic, with you boots inside the pants.
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Chelsea Boots
Man wearing a white pants, gray shoes and brown boots
The classic model Chelsea Boots emerged in England in the 19th century, when Queen Victoria's shoemaker came up with the idea of taking the shoelaces off her boots. Baqui era was widely used by the knights for its comfort and practicality.
Already in the 20th century gained worldwide fame, ( more precisely in the 60s) by influence of the Beatles, who always used them. For this reason Chelseas Boots are known as "Beatles Boots".
As everything in fashion reinvents itself, the models gained a more modern and urban air so that they could connect to the contemporary era.
They are marked by their elastics on the sides, which replace the shoelaces, integrate a minimalist proposal and even facilitate putting on.
They are usually made of leather or suede.
For about three years now, Chelsea Boots has been dominating the male preference in Street style. After all, they are absolutely versatile and combine with formal or casual looks. in fact, they are great bets to compose combinations with jeans, tailoring and, jackets, coats, shirts and more.
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Sneaker Platform
A man wearing black shoes with a huge blue sole
Fun, casual and very comfortable, the Sneakers Platform are a reinvention of casual sneakers, ideal for adding an irreverent proposal to male compositions. Undoubtedly, the sportive idea is still in full force in street style and what is expected from here on is that sneakers are ever more present in masculine daily life. In this context, Sneaker Platform are a great bet for those wishing to create looks with a more carefree fun style through Fall and Winter. Colorful, with maximized design and synonyms of comfort, these pairs harmonize perfectly with jeans, shorts, t-shirts, jean or leather jackets and other more casual items.
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If you want to walk in all style in accordance with the biggest trends in the men's world without giving up comfort and strength, visit Sandro Moscoloni's website and check out the variety of models available, produced from the best materials on the market and with technology cutting edge.
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