The Difference Between Oxford and Derby Shoes

Discover on Sandro Moscolini’s blog the main features and differences between men’s leather Oxford and men’s leather Derby shoes.


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Fashion is increasingly present in society’s daily life. Not long ago only a feminine audience kept in tune with major trends, today the desire to fine clothing is global and men are also seeking new ways to get their looks more up to date, sophisticated and, most of all, suitable to each occasion.

But taking into account that this behavior and fashion interest of a portion of the masculine audience is relatively recent, most men, when searching for ideal shoes, can’t tell different models apart and, more so, know the correct terms for each one. For that reason, when we mention men’s leather Oxford and Derby shoes, many still can’t observe their distinguishing features. With that in mind we elaborated today’s article to shed light on a very common doubt: what is the difference between Oxford and Derby shoes? Continue reading and find out:


Indicated for more elegant and sophisticated compositions, the men’s leather Oxford shoes is a true classic manufacture from noble materials which ensure total resistance and durability.

The model’s main feature is where the laces holes are pierced, which is on the shoe’s main body itself. For being more traditional, most of the time Oxford appears in more classic tones precisely to multiply the masculine combinations, as in the case of men’s leather Oxford brown shoes and men’s leather Oxford black shoes. Besides, as refined as the model is, it is possible to bet on one men’s leather Oxford Casual and create compositions for everyday life. In this case, it depends on the pieces chosen to complete the outfit.

For instance, when wearing your Oxford with the foolproof jeans and tee combo, the result will be a more basic composition, ideal for daily occasions. On the other hand, when combining your men’s leather Oxford with tailoring parts or a tuxedo, it is possible to create more refined looks, ideal for business meetings as well as corporate or social events.

The fact that so many people confuse a Men’s Oxford White with a Men’s Derby is understandable. After all, the models are actually very similar and can only be distinguished by a few subtle features.

In the Derby style men’s shoes, lace holes are made in side flaps fixed to the shoe’s body. Because of this feature the model is another hit for people who have wider or taller feet, as it accommodates them more comfortably and flexibly. Moreover, although it is also an extremely elegant shoe, the Derby is considered a little more casual than Oxford’s.

However, the men’s leather Derby shoes are manufactured from noble materials and show more resistance and durability.

As it is viewed as a more modern and youthful model, it is possible to find the men’s leather Derby shoes in several color variations that even include bicolor pairs, such as in the case of men’s Derby brown and black shoes.

In addition, the models are more suitable for everyday life and can be used in the most varied situations, as they combine with jeans, t-shirts and as a finer complement with blazers and tuxedos.

However, it is important to remind that combination options depend widely on chosen models. Currently, one may find men's leather derby dress shoes, derby style men's shoes, men's leather derby dress shoes and many more on the market.


#DidYouKnow? An Oxford or a Derby can also be a Brogue!

Another shoe model very common in the masculine universe is the Brogue. However, not everyone knows that men’s brogue shoes are characterized by a style, which is having their lace holes in the upper leather, and not necessarily by a model. Therefore, you may have an Oxford brogue, a Derby brogue, even brogue boots!

So, did you enjoy discovering the differences between shoes models? If you wish to know more on Derby shoes, Oxford shoes and Brogue shoes and acquire one (or every) model to transform your combinations, click here and check all the models, feedstock and technologies applied to Sandro Moscoloni’s shoes.

Also, keep your eye on this blog: we will soon have many novelties here.

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