The Ultimate Guide to Brogue Shoes For Men

Whether you are a classic or a modern man, the truth is that there is always a wildcard and infallible shoe model that can be used at different times and multiply your everyday combinations. And, among so many alternatives available, Brogue is one of the most adopted by the male public.

The model is elegant and at the same time versatile, so it can be used both in everyday productions and to guide your steps in important events, which demand a more elaborate outfit, such as a work meeting, a graduation, a happy hour or even a romantic dinner.

If you want an extra touch of elegance to your combinations, you need to know about the brogue shoe and its different variations.

With that in mind, we, from the Sandro Moscoloni Blog team, created a definitive guide to the model. Continue reading and check it out:

What is the brogue shoe?

Widely used by classic men, Brogue footwear involves a social and traditional proposal.

After all, it is characterized by some details, better known as brogues, which are perforations that cut the upper of the leather and give an effect rich in information, which differentiates it from the more conventional versions.

A number of other types of shoes can feature Brogue; like seams in their finish, from classic Oxford and Derby shoes to more authentic, contemporary pairs such as boots and mid-calf boots.

What are the main types of Brogue shoes?

Within the men's fashion market, it is possible to find some variations of the brogue shoe, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities.

Check out the main ones below:

- Full Brogue or wingtip:

Man having his oxford shoes with wingtip brogue being shined

Also known as a “wingtip” it is characterized by its pointed beak in the shape of a “W” and considered the least formal of the brogues.

- Semi-Brogues or Half-Brogues:

Man with the feet lining and wearing a shoe with half brogue

The model features a straight toecap with decorative perforations, which add even more elegance and sophistication.

- ¼ Brogue

The shoe is known as ¼ Brogue because it features, in its fourth part, a line with decorative perforations. It is considered the most formal among the variations.

- Spectator Shoe

The model reveals a bicolor brogue. Among the best-known versions, the brands by shades of beige and brown or black and white predominate. Both make reference to the typical costumes of the 1920’s.

man in Spectator Brogue shoes, with one foot propped up against a wall and a guitar beside him.

How to wear brogue shoes?

Initially, brogues were used to assist workers who performed their duties in the rain or in the swamps of Ireland and Scotland. For this reason, its perforations served as drainage holes.

But, with the constant reinventions and transformations of fashion, these models are currently synonymous with sophistication and can be used in the most diverse occasions.

However, it is common for those who have never had a pair of the model to feel confused when using it.

Many men wonder if these shoes are strictly social or can also be used to compose casual combinations.

We answer that question right below.

Social combinations:

man with a dress boot with brogues

Originally, brogue shoes carry a social proposal, so if your intention is to keep a discreet proposal and move away from daring, the best option is to bet on a version with few holes and cutouts.

In addition, it is indicated that the model is manufactured in a single tone and made of smooth leather.

Black or coffee shades are the most recommended for this purpose. After all, they can be easily harmonized with blazers, shirts, ties and tailored pants.

Casual looks

man with a red shoe brogue tying shoelaces

If you think that Brogue shoes cannot be present in casual combinations, you are wrong; that's because the model carries rustic and country aesthetics, so it's also a good option to compose each and every day outfit.

To get it perfect, combine it with chino pants or jeans (preferably with dark tones).

Both alternatives make great options to match with long-sleeved shirts, plain or patterned shirts. 


See how brogue shoes can be a great ally of contemporary men?

Now that you know what pairs are all about and how to combine them, just put the aforementioned information into practice to make your compositions more interesting in a few minutes. Check out some models:

And if you still don't have a brogue to call your own, click here, go to Sandro Moscoloni's website and check out the variety of models in genuine leather and cutting-edge technology to transform your outfit. 


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