Wedding shoes: A practical guide for the groom and the guests

The wedding is a very important moment that reveals a true watershed in the life of a couple. In addition, the groom, family and guests are thrilled to accompany the beginning of a new journey.

But for the get-together to be celebrated in the best way, and to yield good memories, it is necessary to consider some essential points, such as the composition of the look.

Currently, much has been discussed about the ideal male shoes for a wedding, and about the importance of comfort, since most of the time, the traditional ceremony is extended with parties and dinners that can last for many hours.

For this reason it is necessary to choose shoes that are in harmony with trends, but that can also provide a comfortable walk and accommodate the feet well during events.

To help you in this mission, we have listed some infallible tips to choose the companion of the feet in a mission as important as this one.

Read on and check out Sandro Moscoloni's blog for a practical guide to wedding shoes for the groom and guests.


Quality Must Be Priority!

First of all, whether you are a groom, best man or guest, you must take the quality of a shoe as the first requirement of your choice. After all, there is nothing more frustrating than attending a special event and not being able to walk smoothly. 

At this point, a good tip is not to cling only to the value of the footwear, but also to take into account its cost-benefit. That's why bet on Sandro Moscoloni's leather footwear options, preferably those with subtle seams, without a very striking finish on the surface to facilitate their combinations.

In addition, it is very important to observe the sole of the model. Shoes with rubber soles are lighter, more flexible and absorb impact more easily.

Sandro Moscoloni Enzo

Slip on Sandro Moscoloni Enzo

Defining a footwear model is essential

On Sandro Moscoloni's website you will find numerous options for classic shoes such as Oxford, Brogue, Derby, Loafer and Moccasin. The best choice will be based on details such as formality of the occasion, place and time set.

But, even so, the most appropriate thing is to invest in smooth models, easy to tie and, preferably, free of many appliqués and details. It is much easier to create classic and infallible combinations, always guided by refinement and quality.

Sandro Moscoloni Wallace 

Derby in Legit Leather

Don't ignore the color of men's shoes

There is a basic rule that can help a lot when choosing shoes: groom, groomsmen and guests should wear shoes that harmonize with the tone of their outfits.For example, if you chose a navy blue suit for the event, the best alternative is to opt for shoes that are also dark, such as a black version.

On the other hand, if you choose a lighter look, composed of earthy tones, the most recommended models are brown, to help maintain a balanced color palette.

To avoid making mistakes in combinations, avoid white or colored shoes. Reserve these models for more informal occasions where the dress code is of their own accord.

Sandro Moscoloni Murray

Penny Loafer in Legit Leather

Analyze the event location

The location where the ceremony will be held is a decisive factor in choosing the ideal footwear.

Generally, classic and formal weddings take place in ballrooms or refined spaces. In these cases, it is best to prioritize leather models with a classic design, such as a Derby or Oxford.

But, considering that, nowadays, many couples prefer to organize their parties in open places such as beaches and fields, it is necessary to find shoes that match the environments and present a more informal proposal. In these situations, loafers and docksides are often good choices.

Sandro Moscoloni Leo

More tips to make your choice easier:

  • Observe the most appropriate attire;
  • If possible, opt for shoes with rubber or leather soles, they are more comfortable and elegant;
  • Do not wait until the last minute, choose your shoes in advance to avoid unforeseen events;
  • To create a versatile and foolproof composition, a pole on round shoes.


Anyway, did you like our practical guide to help the bride and groom to choose the right shoes for a wedding? Leave your feedback for us in the comments and keep following Sandro Mocoloni's blog, soon we will have several other style tips here.


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