What Shoes to Wear With Every Kind of Suit

If you don't wear suits often, and suddenly need to attend an event that requires a more classic and formal attire, it's normal to be confused when choosing between the options of shoes and suits to create an elegant combination. 

There are so many colors and styles that it's easy to get confused and get a little lost; also, figuring out how to match shoes and suits correctly is not an easy task, especially for beginners.

However, when it comes to formal occasions like weddings, fancy dinners, or important meetings, getting the combination wrong  can cause a clumsy look and affect the entire image you want to convey.

With that in mind, we at the Sandro Moscoloni blog created a practical guide for you to choose the right items and achieve a charming and appropriate outfit.

Want to know more? So keep reading and check it out.

Suit color and shoe color

Perhaps the most important rule to create a classic harmonic combination is precisely to observe the color of the suit and the color of the shoes to ensure that neither stands out more than the other. Balance is the key to composing classic looks.

In addition, another rule worth remembering is that, regardless of the composition, white socks should never be used in formal combinations.

Check out some of the most popular combinations below and see which types of shoes are the most suitable.

Black suit

Guarantee of elegance, the black suit is very versatile and a great option for night events.

For an assertive combination, harmonize the piece with shoes that have the same tone, or that, as much as possible, vary to the charcoal tone, which is nothing more than a faded black look.

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Gray suit

Made with the most classic and democratic models of gray color, it allows several combinations and, therefore, is always one of the most chosen by men when composing formal looks.

In order not to compromise the look of the look, the ideal is to combine it with shoes in shades of:

- Black;

- Brown;

- Caramel;

- Wine;

It is worth mentioning that gray has variations between lighter and darker tones. The ones mentioned above are best indicated in lighter gray.

However, if the suit is dark gray, it is better to opt for black shoes.

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Blue suit

Although many men see blue (and navy) as difficult tones to combine, the truth is that they integrate a sober palette that, in addition to breaking away from the traditional and adding a touch of color, is extremely elegant.

In order not to miss the look, combine your blue suit with shoes in the following colors:

- Black;

- Brown;

- Caramel;

It is also important to clarify that, if the event in question requires a lot of formality, the ideal is to bet on black shoes. On the other hand, if it allows for a more modern and casual combination, it is worth opting for lighter and more cheerful tones.

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Brown suit

Among all the options mentioned so far, the brown suit is the one that most allows for different combinations. 

After all, it matches almost all shades of shoes. 

Among the most recommended are:

- Black;

-Dark brown;

- Light brown;

- Wine;

- Caramel.

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Purple suit

As much as it is a modern and vibrant color, there is no denying that the purple suit is somewhat difficult to match.

But if you want to add a dash of daring to your look, balance it out with more classic shoes, in shades of black, brown or caramel.

Light suit (white or beige)

Light suits can be combined with both darker and lighter shoes, as long as they don't deviate from the palette.

In the case of pieces in shades of white or beige, the most appropriate thing is to harmonize them with shoes in shades of caramel, brown and reddish brown.

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What about you, did you enjoy discovering how to make the right combination between suits and shoes?


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