Which male accessories you need to have?

The male accessories guarantee a spectacular upgrade on the modern man’s closet. Many items can be added to the male style to guarantee more personality and sophistication. The list is huge and it goes from sunglasses to that modern watch and a leather belt.

The accessory choice depends solely on each man’s style. The classier can bet on different types of social shoes, hats, sunglasses and watches. However the more bold have in their grasp many colored polo shirts, caps, sneakers, etc.

a man dressing leather bracelets with a mountain in the background

The tip for when buying an accessory is pretty simple: invest in at least one quality accessory in each category. In other words, a good watch, qualified and interesting sunglasses, legitimate leather belts and so on.

With the right accessories, it’s possible to create perfect looks for every occasion, ensuring an important pinch of style in every look. Check out some essential accessory tips for the modern man’s day-to-day life!

Today’s best male accessories

Watches and sunglasses – Two extremely important accessories for a man’s fashion are certainly the watch and the sunglasses. Nowadays there are many gorgeous models for both accessories. Apart from the classic watches, the market also offers the Smart Watches, that are multifunctional watches.

a man wearing leather bracelets

Between sunglasses, the traditional aviator are still being very well received, bringing elegance and style to the male look. And it doesn’t stop there! There are also sportive watches, glasses with a more bold and aggressive look and many more accessories for the men who are looking to stand out.

a man wearing white shirt, with blue shorts and sunglesses with the sea on the background

Sandro Moscoloni has an ample selection of sunglasses with excellent prices, with a highlight on the Black Heron and Black Riquelme designs.

Leather Belt – On top of lasting long, the leather-made belts are beautiful. The workmanship is always first grade and the style is always elegant. The belts in black and brown colors are jack-of-all-trades of the male closet. It’s worth to take a look at Sandro Moscoloni’s belts.

leather belt

Leather Wallet – The leather wallet is versatile and elegant. The accessory has a long lifespan and exquisite workmanship. The item is practical, compact and essential for the day-to-day of every man. At Sandro Moscoloni, the clients can find sophisticated wallets with cardholders, a holder in the middle for money and space for documents.

leather wallet

Necessaire – Men with a rushed day, marked with workplace appointments, gym and study, can benefit a lot with the use of a necessaire, an essential item to carry personal hygiene products.


Blazer – The blazer is an essential piece in the male fashion. The ideal is to have at least one black blazer for when there are more social encounters on the to-do list. The blazer can be used with either jeans or social pants.

Social Shoes – Having a social shoe is also important, since there are always event that requires a more formal style. Choose a good leather shoe and have an unique piece of clothing for every occasion. Check out Sandro Moscoloni’s models.

Polo Shirt – The polo shirt is classic. Not too formal, not too social, it’s recommended for events that require a more tidy look. It’s the right choice for work, college, reunions and social encounters.

Hair Ointment – When applying the final touches on the look, nothing better than applying a good hair ointment. The product is an innovation to facilitate the life of the man who needs to style his hair with practicality and speed. The ointment gives the hair form, control its volume and ensures an organized aspect to it. The product is more recommended than hair gel, which leaves a wet aspect on the hair that can be aggressive on the hair.

Find everything you need at Sandro Moscoloni!

Sandro Moscoloni has an ample selection of male accessories with a lot of style and quality. There are belts, purses, handbags, wallets, wristbands, glasses, caps, ties, necklaces and many other items. All products are made with the highest quality materials, they’re long-lasting and have an incredible design, completing every masculine look.

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