Who inspires you to dress nicely? The digital role in the fashion segment.

Maybe you haven’t noticed yet, but your fashion sense comes directly from digital influence. Which includes blogs, social medias, lifestyle magazines with striking online presence, e-books and lives.

If the modern man is not the same when it’s about behavior, he’s even less when it’s about dressing nicely. The last 10 years were capable of changing the man, in all ways.

a man wearing a white shirt, with a navy/brown backpack and jeans

According to an interesting studies presented by Victor Brotto, the manager of Google’s Insight for Retail, the behavior of fashion customers have also been overhauled in the last decade. Both men and women!

From the difficult access to information – as there were restrictions like printed magazines and TV – the means for fashion to spread have been greatly widened. And of course that the internet’s naturality and speed have been a big help.

Let’s see the data!

  • In 2008, only 21% of people had access to fashion content – which was through magazines and television.
  • In 2018, that number has risen to 39%.
  • Nowadays, 41 million of people absorb fashion content, only counting digital.

     a man wearing a leather bracelet, with blue shorts and white shoes

According to Brotto, the internet became the reference for those who wanted to know what is trendy.

Check out the numbers!

  • 49,3% – internet;
  • 15,4% – Cable TV;
  • 13,3% – Open TV;
  • 10,9% – Catalog of brands;
  • 10,8% – Specialized magazines.

Nowadays, we see fashion content and products in various devices.

That’s right. In average, each person uses 2.20 devices to enjoy fashion. The search for fashion on phones have surpassed the ones for Desktop. Check the numbers of both January 2015 and January 2017.

So much change in just two years!

  • 2015: 45%
  • 2017: 70%

Of all people that buy fashion products, 25% only access the internet through the phone. Among the most researched subjects are:

  • Tendencies;
  • Season;
  • Occasion;

For you, modern man, this is the most revealing information. The searches for male fashion have grown 49%!

In general, the growth is as follows:

  • Fashion +28%;
  • Masculine +49%;
  • Juvenile +35%;
  • Feminine +25%;
  • Genderless +28%.

The current male fashion is more than pure consumption, it’s an understanding of how men have been finding their place, their new roles regarding affective relationships – besides workplace relationships, projects in which they pretend to dedicate time, money and affection. And fashion, of course, is precisely this phenomenon that reveal these changes. Is it easy to notice?

a man tying up his shoes with a lake and mountains in the background

In the next article, we’ll talk more about male fashion and the digital role on the shaping of this man.

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