Winter boots: 4 options for you to enjoy the coldest season of the year with comfort and style.

Winter boots: 4 options for you to enjoy the coldest season of the year with comfort and style.

It's not by chance that male boots are the most wanted shoes for the winter season. The pieces, besides adding a touch of personality to the outfit, they still are versatile, resistant, comfortable and of course, they keep your feet warm and protected from low temperatures.
At Sandro Moscoloni, you can find male boots made of noble leather in the most vast styles, colors and sizes. To help you to get a more soft and comfortable walk during the cold season, we prepared a selection of products for you to choose. 

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1.Chukka Boots


Developed with noble leather to guarantee comfort and breathness of the feet, the Chukka boots, from Sandro Moscoloni, shows a Ankle-length mid-length cut and lace-up closure.

Due to its rustic and incorporated design, Chukka Boots are a great option to compose urban combinations, with jeans and jackets.

Very versatile, these boots are capable of multiplying the male possibilities and could be worn at work situations or even in leisure events. 

2.Chelsea Boots



Classic and timeless, the Chelsea boots are a true staple of the men's wardrobe.
Clássica e atemporal, a bota Chelsea é um verdadeiro coringa do armário masculino.
Characterized by its close-fitting upper, classic sole and elastic on the side, it is the typical example of footwear that harmonizes well with the most varied types of garments, such as jeans, chinos or tailoring.

Besides that, these boots adds an more fresh and urban air to males combinations, delivering a mix of style, comfort, versatility and flexibility.

3. Hiking Boots


 The winter season is the right one to put yourself to venture out on trails in the snow and walk through breathtaking landscapes. But for that, your feet need to be properly protected.

The hiking boots achieves this mission. 

Guided, above all, by comfort and robust proposal, the boots are ideal for moments of adventure.


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Developed in genuine leather and with reinforced and non-slip soles, these shoes optimize performance when hiking in rough terrain, practicing paved trails on dirt and stones, or even long walks in the city.

To compose urban looks, they can be combined with more casual clothes, such as jeans or twill pants.

4. Classic Casual Boots


Classic and traditional, ankle boots are great options for finishing looks.

Absolutely flexible, the pairs transition very well from the office look to productions for leisure situations.

Those shoes match very well with everyday jeans and a T-shirt, they can be used for informal work and also for day or night outings. One pair, several possibilities.

Developed fully in legit leather, the Classic Casual Boot also comes with cushioned insoles, rubber soles and handmade seams, to revolutionize the male outfit with style, comfort and well-being.

So, dear reader, did you enjoy checking out our boot selection to rock your outfit and enjoy the coldest season of the year with comfort and style?

And if you seek a durable boot, with exclusive design, authentic and resistant for you to call it yours, click here, check out the Sandro Moscoloni’s website and go check our pieces with exclusive prices and conditions we made for you. 

E se você está em busca de uma bota durável, com design exclusivo, autêntica e resistente para chamar de sua, clique aqui, acesse o site da Sandro Moscoloni e confira os modelos com preços e condições exclusivas que preparamos para você.

Also, keep an eye on Sandro Moscoloni's blog, soon we'll have news here.

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