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Drive shoe

A truly classic from the men's closet, this type of shoe is characterized by the curves that outline their edges and by the absolut comfort and flexibility that it allows to the feet.   

At Sandro Moscoloni, this type of shoe, handmaiden in traditional leather, are excellent bets for you to compose the outfit in the hottest seasons of the year in a sockless style. 

Very versatile, it matches with jeans, shirts, tailoring pieces and many more.


The easy wearing, the absence of shoelaces, and the sockless style are the essential factor for you to consider choosing a Mule. 

If you are a fan of comfort, style and versatility, the Sandro Moscoloni's Mule Shoe has everything to be your best fashion partner.

For more fancy occasions, the shoes can be matched with tailoring pants: a mix from good taste and sophistication. 

Now, for the more working and casual environments, the mule shoe with a dark jean pant results in an incredible, neutral, and modern shape. 

Monk Strap

Tradicional, and at the same time, modern, the Monk strap is a versatile shoe, that can be worn with or without socks and suit modern men in the most diverse situations, including, the office look.
Neutral, and absolutely comfortable, the ones available at Sandro Moscoloni features exclusive design and all the nobility which only legit leather can bring.

Chelsea Boots

Even though they are a more robust shoe than the social shoes, the truth is that these boots are good options for an office look. 

The Chelsea Boots, for example, is a classic model, made in noble leather, capable of being in a social look or even warm up the feet during the winter.
Considered a mildly formal shoe, it allows combinations with jeans, twill, tuxedos, and tailoring pieces.

About Sandro Moscoloni
With more than 45 years of tradition, the Sandro Moscoloni integrates into its shoes a unique DNA, made from the appreciation given to the artisanal touch, in addition to the innovation of industrial processes, which reveal the quality and the resistance of each of every piece with  cutting-edge technology.

You see how casual shoes can be big contemporary men's allies even when talking about moments of work?

Now that you know everything about those pairs and how to combine them with an office look, click here, and go to Sandro Moscoloni's website and check out the many types of shoes made in legit leather with cutting-edge technology only to transform your outfit.