Loafers are classic, formal and sophisticated. The shoelaces and buckles-free models are characterized by a diamond-shaped leather band, which is located on the instep.

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Meet the Loafer

Much confused with moccasin, the Loafer has a very rigid sole, which makes the models a little more formal.

Characterized by comfort and practicality, the loafers have only one strap on the front, which adds a unique detail.

Trivia: The shoe became known as James Dean, also from historical personalities such as former US president John Kennedy.

Loafer types and how to use them


The Penny Loafer is known for featuring a leather band with a slight indentation in the center, just above the instep. This type of footwear harmonizes with jeans, casual jackets, blazers and tailoring pieces. Check out the Loafers models like Penny by Sandro Moscoloni and get yours now!


The extremely sophisticated model is called Horsebit because of its details that resemble the apparatus used in horses.

Due to its versatility, it works well in tailoring and even tuxedo.

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Tassel is a type of adornment very similar to a fringe. These details are presented at the top of the Loafer's upper, exactly in line with the instep. Regarded as a more refined variation of the model, the Tassel pairs can be used with suits in daytime and light environments.
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