Discover - Our History - Sandro Moscoloni

The Sandro Moscoloni brand is in the Market since 1975, producing products of the finest quality and excellent performance to target modern and elegant men, who also won’t abandon comfort.

It was funded on the North of America and grew, opening factories on Spain and Brazil to produce the best products, with the goal of perfection with each model created and raw material used. Sandro Moscoloni gives total attention to details, meaning that every product that comes out goes through quality verification processes, starting with the choice of it’s raw material.

They are shoes developed around your lifestyle, with comfort, practicality, light weightiness, quality and durability. All of those traits make each model that is designed with the modern men in mind. Words are not needed to express all Sandro Moscoloni’s shoes express – the details speak for themselves.

You not only receive a shoe, but also receive comfort, beauty and style.

You have never seen shoes like these before! Sandro Moscoloni strives to bring you shoes with rich detailing in textures, colors, stitching, and hardware. Sandro Moscoloni shoes are designed around your lifestyle - they are stylish, functional, comfortable, and of the finest quality! If you are looking for a truly unique shoe to illustrate your sense of style, Sandro Moscoloni shoes are a must-have.