LWG Certificate

The Leather Working Group – LWG

Sandro Moscoloni has a commitment with the environment, thinking about the present but also the future generations. There is a saying that what is made today, will determine the world of tomorrow. Based on this thought, the brand is associated with The Leather Working Group (LWG).

The Leather Working Group – LWG

LWG group was created in 2005 with the intention to promote sustainable development with acts that adequate themselves into the environment inside the leather making industry. As Sandro Moscoloni works directly with this product, from the raw material to its production, the whole process is transparent to promote priority with the environment, so it does not cause any impact on it. That is why each piece of leather that goes through the machine, production and dispatch revision, are legally made.

ChemoLeather Certificate

All our leather technology is offered by the ChemoLeather Group, who is on the market since 1983 and has a sustentability policy when making leather materials. Check out our certificate here!

More than just beautiful and comfortable shoes, Sandro Moscoloni also worries about the planet’s sustainability. That’s why we developed soles made with reused rubber from recyclable tires. An action taken to reduce the damage caused to the environment and help meet the current needs, thinking about the next generations. The objective of this action is directly linked to using that which has been already discarded. We have the responsibility to minimize the damage to the life support without harming the environment, and do it smartly. Did you like it? On top of producing really fashionable products, we’re doing our part so this planet can be more beautiful each day.


Sandro Moscoloni is working on the next generation, what about you?